F'tarek, the Aspect Of Fire
Written by Itarildé Eldurain.

“The island of Thain has known many powers of the divine and infernal. These deities came and passed, so many tragedies and miracle caused the fall of these guardian beings. Yet as one falls another rises to take that place.” — Lady Hayleigh Faldanis-Lightheart, The Lost Gods.

As written by Lady Hayleigh Faldanis-Lightheart, Thain has known many beings of godlike power. After the DarkWet a void was left on Thain, one that was filled by four new divine beings. These beings are known as the Elemental Aspects. Their names, purpose and believes are still a mystery to most. I will dedicate to each a treatise, with information received from their followers and priests.

This treatise is dedicated F'tarek, the Aspect of Fire and his First Chosen, Fol'den, High priest of Fire.

F'tarek , Flame Lord. F'tarek is the progressive one. He is unwavering and ordered, striving for change and strength. He is of Conflict, yet not of random destruction. His element is that of fire, from the smallest flame to the biggest blazing firestorm.

His domains are Death, Evil, Knowledge, Fire and War.

The Tenants of Fire, kindly provided by Card Oridon:

Strength through Change.

In his followers he seeks the affinity to flame and one must like the heat. They must strive for strength and change, as it is the only way to grow. Bring forth Change, be Strong and Fire will come.

As it currently stands, F'tarek imposes no rules on how to worship him, other then keeping true to the Tenants of Fire. Prayers and tribute to the Lord of Fire only require an open flame to be nearby, as he is Fire. At the time there is no place of worship known, but he seems to favour the Plane of Fire.

Written by Itarildé Eldurain, Lore Mistress.

The author would like to express gratitude to Sir Card Oridon and Lady Hayleigh Faldanis-Lightheart.

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