Blood Guard

The Order of the Island's Blood

This group of rangers appeared on Thain long ago and set up posts to protect the citizens from the island's many threats. They were mysterious to most, but it was discovered that the Blood Guard and the Brotherhood were once a combined force being trained by the Elves. When the Blood of the World was discovered they split off into their respective groups, with the Island's Blood (their proper name) using the magma to craft their armor and weapons.

This magma, the Blood of the World, was corrupted by three sisters who tried to raise their dead father, the God of Law known as Amauntor, by controlling the Blood Guard to turn Thain into an island of unwavering law. While under the influence of the sisters, the Blood Guard managed to take over steinkreis and displace lord-kampfer during a coup. Through the actions of celia-lane, Steinkreis was retaken without bloodshed, and once the three sisters along with their weapons were destroyed, their influence over the Blood Guard ended as well.

The Blood Guard were banished from Thain in shame. Their leader, Captain Terril, served many years in the cells of Blackstone Prison before his pardon was issued by Lord bargus-telmoran . Captain Rieganne was killed before the three sisters' influence had ended and her body is unaccounted for.

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