Emissaries of the Exiled

The Exiled are a group whom are forced away from the common areas of Thain due to their race, ideals, or even just by preference. They offer the attraction of protection in numbers for those who have been having difficulty with the island at large, the opportunity of an alliance against those who think they are the hunters.

  • Goals: The overall goals are set by the Inner Circle and the amount of information they allow is determined by their whim. Personal goals of those within the alliance, if requiring the full might of the Exiled, will be discussed by the Inner Circle who will determine the involvement of the group. Personal goals that don’t require the full might of the Exiled can be acted on with whatever personal alliances have been made within the group. Any actions on personal goals that bring threat to the Exiled will be punished.
  • Recruitment: Usually, getting involved is more a matter of chance than planning. Outcasts, rebels, and monsters are good candidates for joining the guild; they may be approached by a member of the guild or take the initiative to seek refuge with the Exiled on their own. However, there is no reason why a perfectly normal character couldn’t join them if they find the official powers of the island to be too restrictive.
  • Location: Not the crossroads.

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