Pack Far-Runner

Pack Far-Runner was originally founded by krin-desat and his Dire Wolf companion, Shade during the the-shadow-war.

After the war and Krin's return to Thain, Jalla dem Vald and her own companion Navarre joined, and eventually Krin and Jalla were bonded. Soon after, the Dire Wolves Bristlefang and Sola were welcomed, and Krin himself received a blessing from a Wolf Lord, Jomarg of Pack Iceshard. This granted Krin's fondest wish, to be able to assume wolf-form and run with his pack as a true wolf. This also cemented Krin's place as Alpha of the pack.

The Hin Merta (also known as Draug'elle - Little Wolf) was later adopted into the pack, along with her travelling companions Willow and Leena. The latter perished at the hands of Gnoll raiders. Merta herself was bonded to another Hin named merimac and they went off to form their own family.

Sola and Navarre were bonded within the pack, and had a litter of four pups - two males (Alakar and Antha) and two females (Tessara and Tyelka). These pups were raised in the traditions of the packs, and eventually the males went to seek their own destiny while the females joined other packs.

Within the pack, Krin is known as Carad Draug (Red Wolf) and Jalla as Seima Lasse (Gentle Leaf)

Currently the pack includes:

Krin Desat (Carad Draug) Alpha Male, pack leader
Jalla Desat (Seima Lasse) Dame of the Pack - Den-Mother
Shade (Dire Wolf)- Pack Elder, keeper of the Ways and the pack's Song
Navarre (Dire Wolf)- Hunter, protector of Seima Lasse
Bristlefang (Dire Wolf)- Hunter, scout
Sola (Dire Wolf)- Huntress, denkeeper. Mate of Navarre

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