Pack Fire-Storm

Pack Fire-Storm was created by Merta when she married merimac and left pack-far-runner to start her own family. Of the two-legged members only Meri is unable to take wolf form, making him feel a little left out at times. Merta was defeated by Willow for leadership of the pack and although the pack still aids her from time to time, they remain in the Gerdamish swamp, helping the elves and the Gerdamish hounds by keeping the gnoll population in check.

Members of Pack Fire-Storm

Timber: Wolf: Hunter
Mitzy: Wolf Timber's Mate: Huntress
Willow: Dire Wolf: Pack Alpha
Sashia: Dire Wolf Willow's mate: Scout
Lilly: Dog: Scout
Akaro: Merta's Mentor ((but not actually a PC IG)): DenKeeper

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