Rightsized Maidens And Knights

The Rightsized Maidens and Knights are a devoted group of hin and gnomes. Originally serving Davenshire, the Maidens and Knights have since pledged their allegiance to the village of Sandburrow.

The Original Rightsized Doctrine:

  • We are a group of hin and gnomes, rightsized and right-minded.
  • We in the rightsized believe that all adult rightsized persons are capable on making good decisions without any rules telling them if they should act or not. There are no leaders, all are equal.
  • If ever the needy were to ask for help, we will always give our aid.
  • Our Main Goal: To defend Davenshire (now Sandburrow) Thain and all the rightsized on the island.
  • Our Secondary Goal: To make heard the voices of every rightsized on the island.

The Sandburrow Bay Pledge:

"I swear to defend Sandburrow Bay, its people, and its ideals with my life. I swear to uphold its values of hope, truth, and kinship locally and abroad. I swear to put its defense and prosperity first, and to fight with every ounce of strength I possess in her name. I swear to stand up for my home and my fellow Maidens and Knights, as long as I draw breath."

Active Members:

Former Members / Currently Inactive Members:

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