School Of Magic


The School of Magic is an academic center for those interested in the arcane, based in the city of Greenvale. It offers guidance and experience in the arcane, using real-life experiences and adventuring. Each of the eight schools of magic are taught there, with none neglected.

Once a proud fixture in uptown Steinkreis, the school was evicted after the disappearance of Lord Kämpfer and the subsequent banning of magic decreed by Lord Bargus Telmoran. Queen Yu'syu of Greenvale was kind enough to welcome the school within the walls of her fair city, due in part to Carylduil's instrumental efforts in ridding the city's west quarter of a persistent troll infestation. The queen had one condition however, that the Weaveborn (more commonly known as blood mages) be allowed admission to the school. (A condition Carylduil whole-heartedly agreed to.)

The school still teaches all eight schools of magic and using real-life experiences and adventuring, the only difference is the stricter code of conduct, the oath and the location change.


The School of Wizardry's instructors, when testing an applicant for admission, will turn them away if their heart is of impure desires. Occasionally, students will be randomly tested, to ensure that the school does not possess any sort of corruptible force. The student must also recite the following oath and uphold it at all times:

"I do solemnly swear to act responsibly, with utmost personal integrity, in all my dealings as a representative of the School of Magic in Greenvale. I will remember at all times that my words and deeds reflect on the headmaster of the school, the city of Greenvale, the queen and her court. I will endeavor in all things to act in ways that will reflect positively on same. I understand that my acceptance and continued participation in the School of Magic is dependent upon upholding this oath, and that my words and deeds will be interpreted through this oath by the headmaster of the school at all times. Failure to uphold the spirit of this oath, as interpreted by the headmaster, will be grounds for immediate expulsion and disavowal from the school and, potentially, from the city of Greenvale."


Bigrin Zedelnor, Headmaster and Instructor of Illusion
Carylduil Weftyln, founder and former Headmaster
Rorry Lange, Instructor of Necromancy
Teron Dian, Instructor of Transmutation
Darla Undenbottlin, Instructor of Evocation
Elith Sianicen, Instructor of Abjuration

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