Stewards Of Hammersong

Stewards of Hammersong

The Stewards are guild of Dwarven adventurers who hold the interests of their brethren, and the defense of hammersong as their top priority. Their guildhall is located inside Hammersong. The Stewards themself built the guildhall from a forgotten and ruined part of Hammersong. Though King Rugar counts them amongst his assets, they are not part of the Hammersong military, and act in Hammersong's interest of their own accord.

They frequently clear the mountain and pass of the Giant scourge, and have a habit of delving deep into the Underdark to push the wretched Duergar back. They been known to take leisurely strolls through Drow territory and nature walks in nearby Poisonwood. Philanthropists at heart, they also lend their axes to worthy causes around the Isle as they see fit.

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