Syann's Order

Syann's order is a network of Spies and Assassins ruling Poisonwood, where it also has its main base of operation.

Created and guided by Syann, mage of astonishing power, and his daughter Yu'syu, in time long forgetten. It is rumored that it was the dread Lich Uultak who poisoned the mind of the Archmage and the forest, taking away the sanity of the

With the death of the mage - The cycle of Syann, Rise and Fall -, and the redemtion of his daughter the lead passed to the General Kintaro, who met his end by the hand of Queen Yu'syu of Greenvale.

There have been rumors and authors who claimed the General survival and his passage to Undeath Death And Undeath Of Kintaro - death-and-undeath-of-kintaro - , although these remain only whispers in the night.

Now the Poisonwood and the Order is lead by a fantomantic and unknown Lady, reports about her are always stained in blood and telling of a cunning and cruel elf, a cruelty shown both to his enemies and the allies who fail her.

Should you cross your path with one of them probably you wouldn't even notice unless, of course, you are the one the Lady wants.

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