The Protectors of the Woods are a group of mostly-elven PCs based in the Feywood who aid the Elves and fight to stop threats to the Feywood forests and Elven community.

Their name, Tel'Varataurie, is from Elvish (Quenya) taure, forest + vare to protect.

Among the founders were Eloril Zyrustafer, priest of Corellon Larethian, and Talla Gweth, wizard.

Past storylines included investigating the nature of the Riftstone under the south Feywood, protecting the Stronghold against attacks from the Poisonwood elves, and fighting the green dragon that dwelled in the moors to the north.

Recently the group has enlarged its mission to embrace characters of any race and class who seek to protect not only the Feywood, but the balance of Nature over the breadth of the Island (for the fate of the Feywood itself is irrevocably intertwined with that of the entire Island of Thain), and respects the Elves and their wisdom. There is also a movement with many for the healing reconciliation of all the Elves of the Island.

Elders include Willow Erilodel, Styvn, Krin Desat, and Jalla Desat. However, only Styvn is currently active on Thain, as Krin Desat and Jalla Desat have retired to Wendar to raise a family, and the whereabouts or fate of Willow Erilodel is unknown. Younger members have taken up the leadership of the Tel'Varataurie.

Please contact the players with characters active in the group for interaction and candidacy of your character for the group.

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