The Thayan Enclave

Thay is part of the old world, an eastern nation of great power where wizards rule throgh a semi-republican system. Thay is home to great philosophers, architects, artists and poets. The society is very strict in its class system however, featuring a large slave population and a great exclusivity in its ruling class, the Red Wizards. Thay is, more so than any of the younger nations of the west, a place with very little individual freedom but great militaristic and arcane prowess. The common may is encouraged to read and think, but above all else indoctrinated to sacrifice everything for the nation.

The Thayan presence on Thain is based around the Enclave, an establishment operating under Thayan law. Its goals and ambitions vary over time.

The Enclave on Thain was formed in the aftermath of the betrayal of Aristides, which resulted in Thay losing its good standing with Lord Kämpfer. Xoz, a Red Wizard who had remained passive in his own shop, the Magicube, was immediatly called upon by Thay to perform his duties and moved to the Enclave. This coincided with the loss of his store which was closed by the proprietor of Cobblewall Inn. The Enclave is manned at all times by Thayan slaves and soldiers. A number of Red Wizards including the Enclave's Khazark and several officers also reside within the Enclave.

The Enclave has seen its share of conflict. In retaliation for killing the ancient sea dragon, two others raided the Enclave. The wyrms miscalculated the resistance however, Grasheldrous the Black was slain, and his head replaced the sea dragon's as the object of triumph. Another wave of dragons later attacked.
At another time a few apprentices conducted experiments on slaves outside the walls when adventurers stumbled upon them, killed them indiscriminatly and escorted the slaves to an unknown destination.
Thayan forces sent to protect the bandit-plagued trade route of the the-south-coast were mocked and harassed, eventually ordered to retreat after several deaths caused by Lynest Halliyon.

Would-be Red Wizards on Thain often study for one of the Master Wizards, learning both the arcane ability of their choice and the skills required to join the ruling class. When the Master Wizard decrees that the apprentice is ready, often after excruciating trials, she ascends to a Red Wizard and is expected to teach apprentices of her own. The dealings between master and apprentice are usually confidential, but the Khazark may intervene if need be.

The Enclave's armed forces are split into two units, the Infantry and the Auxilia. The Infantry is made up of soldiers who wear heavy armor, shields and swords. To that, they must fulfill requirements of height and strength in order to fight in Thay's infantry cohorts. The Auxilia is made up of supporting troops. Archers, scouts, skirmishers and assassins are a few profession that the unit contains. Some of these are highly specialized elites, others serve in the Auxilia because they did not meet the requirements of the Infantry.

Khazark is a Thayan title for which the approximate translation is Enclave Governor. Every Enclave in the Realms usually features a Red Wizard holding this title. The Khazark of Thain is the highest Thayan authority on the island, commanding its personell and resources. This title has been held by gharos and Sar'rel, and is currently held by Sarleta.

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