The Circle

A player guild that operated in the Rooms of Ruin and had control of the golems though an item knowns as the Nexus Control Rod.

The original founders were Jeri Theed Orman, Aristides Quintilianus and Rania Trensandon. The Inner Circle later included Talla Gweth, Idons, Orias Rester, …

After the deaths of all three in the Bone Tower event, Thrandir became the nominal head of the guild and disciple of Idons. Ivali Midwood was inducted into the Inner Circle just before the revivification of Jeri and Rania as things heated up to begin the Shadow War.

The end of the War also marked the end of the Circle as such. Jeri had been more focused on the Circle Protectorate, the military branch of the Circle, and this eventually became known as the Circle Defense Forces. Ivali focused her attention on the search for knowledge and preservation of history. Rania became a demon.

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