Class Changes

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This page is current as of April 6, 2021.

A number of the classes on Thain have been adjusted from standard NWN. These changes are made—not to make every class perfectly balanced—but to allow a larger variety classes on the server to feel not-so outclassed vs. the top tier (Cleric, Druid, Wizard, Sorcerer).



Duration: 7 + CON bonus + Barb Levels + 2 (Greater Rage) in Rounds

Standard Rage

Bonus Normal Rage (Level 1 - 10) Greater Rage (11 - 19) Final Rage (20+)
STR Bonus +4 +6 +8
CON Bonus +4 +6 +8
AC Pen. -2 -2 -2
Will Save Bonus +2 +3 +4
Temp HP Bonus 3 * Barb Level 4 * Barb Level 5 * Barb Level
Damage Immunity 5% 15% 25%
Immunity N/A Fear Fear


  • 100% spell failure
  • Toggle Frenzy with /frenzy command [Note: That you still need to use the rage button to enter range; typing /frenzy again will reset to normal rage]
    • End Frenzy with DC20 Will check (use /endfrenzy)
    • This will remove all positive effects
    • The idea is that it takes so much out of you that you lose the magical benefits

Bonus Normal Rage (Level 1 - 10) Greater Rage (11 - 19) Final Rage (20+)
STR Bonus +6 +8 +10
No. Attacks Bonus +1 +1 +2
AC Pen. -4 -4 -4
Movement Speed Bonus 3 * Barb Level 4 * Barb Level 5 * Barb Level
Concealment 10% 15% 20%
Damage Per Round 3 4 5
Immunity N/A Fear Fear



  • Alignment restrictions are removed

Note, there is no way to allow yourself to be a lawful bard on character creation, but a nice DM may change you over to that if you ask.


Touch of Corruption

  • Add +1 per 2 Blackguard Levels to hit and Divine Damage for Blackguard turns per level (max +5)
  • Once per day @ Lvl 1 - 4; Twice per day @ Lvl 5 - 9; Three times per day @ Lvl 10+
  • This effectively gives the Blackguard GMW

Note, that there are stacking exceptions for this ability

Aura of Depravity

  • Add +4 to CHA
  • Add immunity to Fear
  • Add immunity to Death @ Blackguard Lvl 10+
  • Allies gain +5 to fear save and random heal from 1 to Blackguard level
  • Once per day @ Lvl 5 - 9; Twice per day @ Lvl 10+

This effectively gives the Blackguard Aura of Glory and Deathward + the paladin immunity to fear

Riftfire Eruption

  • Enemies around take [Blackguard level] d10 damage, half in negative, half in fire (reflex save for both)
  • Those killed by the damage turn into rift shadows for Blackguard level turns (max number = cha bonus)
  • Once per day @ Lvl 10+

These abilities are item based. To gain them, type /blackguard chat command, and you will get the specific items and the current ones will be destroyed.

Champion of Torm


  • Alignment restrictions are removed

Divine Wrath

  • Duration changed to CHA Mod + CoT Level



No longer a base level 9 Cleric spell, now available exclusively through the destruction domain.

New Level 9 spell:

Divine Intervention: Makes the target invulnerable for 12 seconds. Cannot be crafted into items, and has a per-target cooldown of 2 minutes.

New level 8 spell: Consecrate:

Good creatures in the target area receive a 20% concealment bonus and +2 Dodge AC. Unfriendly evil creatures suffer 2 divine damage per round. Lasts 10 rounds, colossal area.

New level 8 spell: Desecrate:

Evil creatures in the target area receive a 20% concealment bonus and +2 Dodge AC. Unfriendly good creatures suffer 2 divine damage per round. Lasts 10 rounds, colossal area.

Updated domain spell lists:

Air - Gedlee’s Electric Loop (2), Call Lightning (4), Chain Lightning (6), Storm of Vengeance (7).
Animal - Cat’s Grace (2), True Seeing (3), Polymorph Self (5), Elemental Swarm (9)
Death - Negative Energy Burst (3), Energy Drain (7), Horrid Wilting (9)
Destruction - Crumble (4), Bombardment (8), Implosion (9)
Earth - Stoneskin (4), Flesh to Stone (7), Stonehold (9)
Evil - Desecrate (6), Greater Planar Binding (8)
Fire - Flame Strike (3), Firebrand (7), Inc Cloud (8)
Good - Consecrate (6), Greater Planar Binding (8)
Knowledge - New Knowledge domain power, scries the current area for 2 minutes, allowing you to hear all that is said regardless of distance. Usable 1/day.
Magic - Magic Missile (1), Melf’s Acid Arrow (2), Negative Energy Burst (3), Stoneskin (4), Ice Storm (5)
Plant - Entangle (1), Barkskin (2), Vine Mine (5), Creeping Doom (7), Nature’s Balance (9)
Protection - Stoneskin (5), Lesser Spell Mantle (6), Mind Blank (9)
Strength - Divine Power (3), Stoneskin (5), Greater Bull’s Strength (9)
Sun - Searing Light (2), Hammer of the Gods (3), Sunburst (6)
Water - Ice Storm (4), Cone of Cold (6)


The Sublime Way

Fighters master an array of special maneuvers and attack to overcome the monsters and villains they encounter. But the highest of a warrior's arts is the Sublime Way - the secret lore that teaches a fighter how to meld his inner strength, training, and discipline into the perfect weapon.

The Sublime Way is not magical - at least, not in a normal sense. It is a fighting system that harnesses a student's discipline and determination through knowledge, practice and study. A master of the Sublime Way can perform martial exploits that are nearly superhuman - and, in fact, some of them actually transcend the natural.

The following is a list of specialization that a fighter can select on Thain.

  • Shadow's Hand - Req: Two Weapons + Lightning Reflexes - NPC: Raven's Watch
  • Stone Dragon - Req: Two-handed Weapons or only one weapon (i.e. clear hand) + Great Fortitude - Location: Hammersong
  • Devoted Spirit - Req: Sword and Shield + Iron Will - NPC: Hamley

Note: Double weapons are for the Shadow's Hand rather than the Stone dragon

As a note on these, you can only select 1. A DM can reset this (which would be consider a class changed). You gain the player feats to use the ability by speaking with the NPC. The NPC will add them to the armour. Thain has been mean to creature skins on PC, so I don't want to re-write all of that, so this is the workaround. The only issue is that you have to put the feats on each set of armour you want to use (which the NPC can do if you come equipped with armour that doesn't have the feets on it).

Two Weapons - Shadow's Hand

Never show and adversary what he expects to see. The Shadow's Hand discipline emphasizes deception, misdirection and surprise. The most effective blow is one struck against an enemy who does not even know he is in danger. Because the study of deceit as a philosophy often leads into darker practice, some Shadow's Hand maneuvers employ the supernatural cold and darkness of pure shadow, tapping into the the power from a long dead god.

The Shadow's Hand discipline is based upon using two weapons. Each of the ability listed below require the user to have two weapons equipped. To qualify to for this "pseudo" PRC, you need be a Level 11+ fighter (you can multiclass), have the feat Lightning Reflexes, and talk to an NPC who can teach this discipline.

Level 11 - Cloak of Deception
The shadows around you seem to surge forwards and engulf you. For a brief moment, they render you invisible and you lash out at everyone around you.

  • Ability causes darkness VXF, and everyone get hit for a scaling damage [(Fight level - 10) /3 ] D8 + (Fighter Level - 10) {Touch attack} — plus it blinds those hit (6sec) and the user turns invis (12sec). The invis is not affected by Invis purge; it's more of a supernatural skill than something magical.
  • Cool down - 60 Seconds
  • Useage - Player Feat 1 (note you can target anywhere to have this happen)

Level 15 - Shadow Blink
In the blink of an eye, you disappear and emerge from even the tiniest of motes of shadow across the battlefield.

  • Teleport to target (15m + 2.5m per level after 15), causes smoke where you were, then where you appear and you attack the target. Only works on hostile creatures.
  • Cool down - 60 seconds
  • Useage - Player Feat 2 (target hostile creature within range)

Level 20 - Five Shadow Creeping Ice Enervation Strike
With a single Lunge, you pierce your enemy to the core. A shadow of ultimate cold falls over his heart and begins to worm through his veins to the five points of his body.

  • Target takes 15d6 dmg, will save for half. Target takes one of three debuffs (ignore second one on will save)
    - 1: "Legs": -2d6 dex (1 turn) + -99% movement speed (1d6 rounds)
    - 2: "Arms": -2d6 str (1turn) + -6 to hit and Concentrate (1d6 rounds)
    - 3: "Heart": -2d6 str & dex (1 turn) + -2d6 to Con (1d6 rounds)
    These will work on creatures without these traditional parts are still bound by ability decrease immunity.
  • Cool down - 180 seconds
  • Useage - Player Feat 3 (target hostile creature within melee range 3.0m)
Stance - Assassin's Stance
As your foe struggles to regain his defensive posture, you line up an exacting strike that hits with deadly force.

Level Concealment Damage Bonus (Negative) & Reflex Save Bonus
11 - 14 10% 1
15 - 19 15% 2
20 20% 3
21 - 23 25% 4
24 - 26 30% 5
27 - 30 35& 6

  • Level 20+ immunity - Sneak Attack Immunity
  • Cool down - 300 second (5 min)
  • Usage - This is activated using the chat command /stance. It will last for 60 seconds (1 min).

Weapon and Shield - Devoted Spirit

Faith, piety, and purity of body and mind are the wellsprings of a warrior's true power. Devoted Spirit maneuvers harness a practitioner's spiritual strength and her zealous devotion to a cause (be that gods, ideals or anything else). This discipline includes energies baneful to a creature opposed to the Devoted Spirit student's cause, abilities that can keep an adept fighting long after a more mundane warrior would fall to his enemies and strikes infused with vengeful, fanatical power.

The Devoted Spirit discipline is based upon using a weapon and shield. Each of the ability listed below require the user to have a weapon and shield equipped. To qualify to for this "pseudo" PRC, you need be a Level 11+ fighter (you can multiclass), have the feat Iron Will, and talk to an NPC who can teach this discipline.

Level 11 - Shield of the Cause
With a heroic burst of effort, you infuse your shield and thrust it between your allies and your enemies.

  • Allies and self gain:
    • + (fighter level - 10) / 2 bonus to shield AC
    • 1d6 + (fighter level - 10) / 2 divine damage shield
    • lasts for fighter level in round
  • Cool down - 240 Seconds (4 min)
  • Useage - Player Feat 1 (note you can target anywhere to have this happen)

Level 15 - Greater Divine Surge
A torrent of divine energy courses through you. With supreme force of will, you channel the energy into a devastating attack even as it saps your mortal form.

  • Target takes 6d8 divine damage
  • Allies (not user) within medium AoE gain:
    • +2d8 divine damage
    • +1 attack
    • Lasts for Fighter level / 2 in rounds
    • can effect (fighter level -10 ) / 2 allies
    • User loses 1 CON per ally effected for fighter level /2 rounds
  • Target hostile creature within 3m
  • Cool down - 240 seconds (4 min)
  • Useage - Player Feat 2 (target hostile creature within range)

Level 20 - Strike of Righteous Vitality
As your enemy reels from your mighty blow, an ally nearby is simultaneously healed and cleansed of its wounds by divine power.

  • Target takes 15d6 dmg, on melee touch attack.
  • Ally (or self) with lowest percentage of HP within medium AoE gets heal spell
  • Target hostile creature within 3m
  • Cool down - 300 seconds (5 min)
  • Useage - Player Feat 3 (target hostile creature within melee range 3.0m)
Stance - Immortal Fortitude
Despite the horrific wounds you suffer, the flash of searing spells, and the crash of a foe's mighty attacks, you stand resolute on the field. While you are still able, you prevent damage and regenerate those wounds that get through.

Level Damage Immunity Will Save Bonus Regen
11 - 14 10 1 2
15 - 19 15 2 4
20 20 3 6
21 - 23 25 4 8
24 - 26 30 5 10
27 - 30 35 6 12

  • Level 20+ immunity - Mind Immunity
  • Cool down - 300 seconds (5 min)
  • Useage - This is activated using the chat command /stance. It will last for 60 seconds (1 min).

One Weapon - Stone Dragon

The strength and endurance of the mountains epitomizes the Stone Dragon discipline. The methodical and relentless application of force allows a student of this philosophy to adept their body to defeat any foe. Strikes of superhuman power and manifestation of perfect, idealized force make up the Stone Dragon maneuvers.

The Stone Dragon discipline is based upon using one weapon (usually 2-handed). Each of the ability listed below require the user to have only one weapon equipped. To qualify to for this "pseudo" PRC, you need be a Level 11+ fighter (you can multiclass), have the feat Greater Fortitude, and talk to an NPC who can teach this discipline.

Level 11 - Mountain Avalanche
With the power of the mountain, you transform yourself into the size of a giant and crush your enemies with stones of the earth.

  • Change into a mountain giant for 1r (just appearance) and enemies within Huge shape are hit with a stone (as stone throw):
    • Targets = (Fighter Level - 10) / 2 enemies
    • Damage = (fighter Level / 4 +1) D6 + STR (reflex for half damage)
  • Cool down - 120 Seconds (2 min)
  • Useage - Player Feat 1 (Target hostile creature within 17.5 + 2.5 per level over 9)

Level 15 - Earthstrike Quake
With the power of the mountain, you transform yourself into a creature made of stone. Jumping into the air, energy surges out from you, causing the ground to shudder with a sharp tremor.

  • Change into a Stone Golem for 1r (just appearance) and cause an earthquake:
    • Damage = (Fighter Level /2) D6 + STR —> Reflex for half
    • Knockdown for 1r —> Fort save to avoid
  • Cool down - 180 seconds (3 min)
  • Useage - Player Feat 2 (target anywhere, centred on PC)

Level 20 - Adamantium Tombstone Strike
With the power of the mountain, you transform yourself into a creature made of metal. You slam into your foe, turning bones into dust and muscle into bloody pulp. Your foe's body is left a crippled, twisted mockery.

  • Change into a Adamantium Golem for 1r (just appearance):
    • Target takes 15d6 dmg, on melee touch attack.
    • Targets loses 2d6 Con
    • User gains 20/- DR for 1 round
  • Cool down - 300 seconds (5 min)
  • Useage - Player Feat 3 (target hostile creature within melee range 3.0m)
Stance - Crushing Weight of the Mountain
You set your feet flat on the ground, rooting yourself to the spot you stand. Nothing can move you from this place, those who try will feel the weight of the mountain

Level Damage Shield Fort Save Bonus Shield AC Bonus
11 - 14 4 + 1d4 1 3
15 - 19 8 + 1d6 2 5
20 12 + 2d4 3 7
21 - 23 16 + 2d6 4 10
24 - 26 20 + 2d8 5 11
27 - 30 24 + 2d10 6 12

  • Level 20+ immunity - Knockdown Immunity
  • Cool down - 300 seconds (5 min)
  • Useage - This is activated using the the chat command /stance. It will last for 60 seconds (1 min).

Harper Scout

Spell Casting

  • Harper Scouts will gain additional Caster Levels in both Divine and Arcane spells

For example, a Bard 10, Harper Scout 5, Cleric 5, will cast Arcane spells as Caster Level 15 and Divine Spells as Caster Level 10

  • Harper Scouts will gain additional Caster progression in both Divine and Arcane classes

For example, a Bard 10, Harper Scout 5, Cleric 5, will cast have the casts per day as a Bard level 15 and casts per day (including access to new spell levels) as a Level 10 cleric.

Harper Smile

(Changed from +2 to saves for 2 turns)

  • Bonus to Attack(vs Evil), AC (vs Evil), Saves by +2 and +3 @ L5
  • Bonus to AE, Bluff, Heal, Listen, Perform, Search, Spot by HS Level
  • Lasts for HS Level * 2 in hours

Craft Harper Item

These items can be created by Harper Scouts

  • You cannot create more than one
    • It is possible to create more than one but that would be considered an exploit
    • If you try to get more than one, your second item will be deleted and so will your item/EX/gold (let that be a warning)
  • You can create more than one of the three potions
  • Each harp will give you a custom ability and a NWN cast spell
    • The custom ability is tied to Harper scout levels and you cannot use it at all without some harper scout levels.
    • These are meant to be additional class abilities, rather than crafted items; no different than a shifter being able to shift as a class ability
    • Due to game limitations, this is the best way to get additional abilities in the game

Adds the following items that can be created:

  • Potion of Antidote (75 GP, 15 XP)
  • Tallar's Harp (REQ: 25000 gp, 2500 EXP, Mithral Bar)
    • Custom scripted version of Deafening Clang tied to HS levels
    • Hold Monster
  • Zunzalor's Harp (REQ: 30000 gp, 3000 EXP, Black Rock (level 15 G Dispel) or Mord's Disj)
    • Custom scripted version of Wounding Whispers* tied to HS levels
    • Greater Dispel
  • Janthra's Harp (REQ: 12000 gp, 1200 EXP, Adamantine bar)
    • Custom scripted version of Stoneskin tied to HS levels
    • Invs sphere
  • Methid's Harp (REQ: 8000 gp, 800 EXP, Ironwood Planks)
    • Custom scripted version of Freedom tied to HS levels
    • Knock
  • Jhannyl Wristlet (REQ: 20000 gp, 2000 EXP, Silver bar)
    • +2 AC (armour)
    • +2 Saves
    • Healing circle 2/d
    • Restoration 1/d

One note about wounding whispers. The NWN version is bugged to always do the same amount of damage but it has been fixed to do random here (the spell will be updated as well). You will currently not do damage to someone unless they take HP away, so if you've got stoneskin and wounding whispers up and are taking no damage, wounding whispers will not damage your attacker. This is intended.


Summon Paladin Mount

(Changed to summon celestials similar to that of blackguards)

Level 5 to 8 Level 9 to 14 Level 15+
Lantern Archon Hound Archon Celestial Avenger

  • Note that like the Blackguard version, you cannot buff up these with items or feats.
  • Set Secondary = Lantern Archon (Lvl 9 to 14); Hound Archon (Lvl 15+)
  • Set Tertiary = Lantern Archon (Lvl 15+)

Note: If your paladin was created before 1.69 was live, you will need to have the feat LETOed in.

Purple Dragon Knight


(Can only have one of the active at a given time. Similarly to extra bard songs. All last for 10 + PDK Level + Cha Mod)

  • Rallying Cry (1)
    • 10% Movement increase per level
    • +1 to attack every 2 levels after first [+3 at level 5]
    • Can be done 3/day
  • Inspire Courage
    • +1 to attack and damage every 2 levels after first [+3 at level 5]
    • +PDK Level to will saves
    • 1/day @ Level 2, 2/day @ Level 4
  • Final Stand
    • 20 + (CHA mod + Class level) d10 in temporary HP (i.e. be careful)
    • SR of 12 + 2 * PDK Level + CHA mod
    • 1/day


(Not tied to the Commands above)

  • Heroic Shield
    • +4 AC to one person, not himself
    • last for 10 + PDK Level + Cha Mod
    • Unlimited/day (Think of it like a front line fighter protecting another and trying to get in the way)
    • (basically, this is no different than the original version, you just don't have to do it every round)


(Not tied to the Commands above)

  • Oath of Wrath
    • Add a bonus of 2 / 3 at level 4 / 5
    • Bonus includes Attack, damage, save and skills vs. targeted race only
    • last for 10 + PDK Level + Cha Mod
    • 1/day



To gain these changes, you will need to add the following files to your override directory.
Note that this is not required, you can still use the old version of the Ranger.

  • Both fortitude and reflex as primary saving throws
  • 6 skill points per level instead of 4
  • Dual-wield at level 2 instead of at level 1, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting at level 6 instead of level 9 (there is no way to force people into this at character creation, but it will apply afterwards)
  • Rapid shot at level 6 and Point blank short at level 2
  • Woodland Stride at level 7
  • evasion at level 9
  • Hide in plain sight at level 17 (RP wise, this should only work in natural settings, but there isn't a great way to restrict this while still allowing normal stealth in non-natural areas - just keep that in mind, please!)

Animal Companion Bonuses

The changes below are not optional like the class modifications above:

When a level 10+ ranger summons their animal companion, they gain bonuses for ranger level per hour (warning: these will likely get tweaked with after live play testing):

  • Badger: Rage!
    • STR = 1 + (RangerLevel - 10) / 4; (max 3)
    • nCON = 1 + (RangerLevel - 10) / 4; (max 3)
    • nACDecrease = (RangerLevel - 10) / 4; (max 2)
  • Bear: Strength
    • STR = 1 + (RangerLevel - 10) / 2; (max 5)
  • Boar: Durability
    • CON = 1 + (RangerLevel - 10) / 2; (max 5)
  • Dire Rat: Disease
    • Random onhit disease (like contagion spell) on melee weapon or one stack of ranged weapons
  • Dire Wolf: Strength + AC
    • STR = 1 + (RangerLevel - 10) / 4; (max 3)
    • AC = 1 + (RangerLevel - 10) / 5; (max 2)
  • Hawk: DEX
    • DEX = 1 + (RangerLevel - 10) / 2; (max 5)
  • Panther: Sneak attack (by weapon ip)
    • 1d6 @ 10 - 13; 2d6 @ 14 - 17; 3d6 @ 18+
  • Spider: Poison
    • Onhit Poison, STR dmg, increasing DC
  • Wolf: Sneaky
    * DEX = (RangerLevel - 10) / 5; (max 2)
    • MS = 1 + (RangerLevel - 10) / 2 ; (max 5)
    • Hide = 1 + (RangerLevel - 10) / 2; (max 5)
    • Movement = RangerLevel; (max 20)


  • These are not dispellable (but are removed on rest)
  • These bonuses do not go away when the companion is unsummoned or killed but it will be something I'm going to keep an eye on if we need to add it.
  • The disease DC is a little wonky, I'm aware, and in fact, most things die before incubation, so I may look at changing it. It's just so fitting!
  • These are seen as totom companions where as the druid gets shape-shifting ability, the ranger becomes more intuned towards the animal itself. (that's my fluff explanation)



Pre-requisites: Level 10 Rogue, "Slippery Mind" feat, "A Strange Orb" or "A Strange Tome" item.

The island of Thain has unearthed many magical mysteries rooted deeply in its forgotten path. Among these are lost arcana that some Rogues pursue, aided in their goals by an empathetic item that has survived from that age. The item encourages them to find, barter, or steal magical power for it, in the form of Lost Arcana spells that the trickster can learn that are scattered throughout the island. Some have found their way into the hands of random creatures or chests, others to merchants who sell them unwittingly, and still more have been found and kept by responsible parties throughout Thain from whom the Spellthief will almost certainly need to steal them.

Spellthief characters forgo some sneak attack progression in exchange for learning lost Arcana with greater proficiency. The potential spells they can learn are detailed below. The spellthief class is treated as a PrC with specific requirements, and rogues who become Spellthieves cannot revert back without the help of a DM. Spellthief characters share class equipment with Rogues, with the exception of their specialized +4 item and gold item, which they and rogues do not share with each other.

Rogue Level Spell Level Magics Per Day Sneak Attacks
10 1 1/0/0/0 5d6
11 1 2/0/0/0 5d6
12 1 3/0/0/0 5d6
13 2 3/1/0/0 6d6
14 2 3/2/0/0 6d6
15 2 4/3/0/0 6d6
16 3 4/3/1/0 6d6
17 3 4/2/2/0 7d6
18 3 4/3/3/0 7d6
19 4 5/4/3/1 7d6
20 4 6/5/4/2 7d6

Spellthief Spellcasting

To use their spells, the spellthief speaks to the Strange Orb or Strange Tome item they have found, if they have the correct prerequisites, and chooses to be a Spellthief, and then can use the item forever more to slot their spells. After prompting the item to give them its power, the next time they rest they are granted spellcasting tokens, one for each level of magical power they have available to them.

The spellthief may only have one spell of each level of magical power "slotted" at a time, and all spells of the same level share the same spells per day pool, but the spellthief can change which spell is slotted any time they are not in combat by accessing the spell menu again.

In the beginning, only spells in bold are known to the Spellthief - the rest of the spell list must be recovered through Lost Arcana items and learned. While most Lost Arcana have unique, fixed locations in the world which they can always be found in, several can only be found through random loot. The Strange Item can help guide the player to the locations of most of these items through conversing with it.

Level 1: Magical Cantrips - The spellthief begins their journey with upwellings of magical power, spells that briefly enhance their already uncanny abilities as they navigate a magical world that is new to them.

  • Divination: Dimension door - The spellthief jumps to target location in medium range line of sight.
  • Enchantment: Trickster’s luck- The Spellthief adds (Rogue level /4+int mod) to two saving throws, subtracts (Rogue level / 4 + int mod to their third), applications at random. Lasts for 2x Rogue level in rounds.
  • Evocation: Trickster’s light- The Spellthief conjures a globe of anti-light on themselves, giving themselves and nearby allies +10 to hide for 2x Rogue level in rounds.
  • Abjuration: Pilfer Magic - The spellthief uses ½ their Rogue level in a dispel magic check. Afterward, regardless of the result the magical energies they siphon grant them +2 to attack for 10 rounds.

Level 2: Mundane Magics - At this point their journey, the spellthief has learned to tame some semblance of ordinary arcana - gaining access to the effects of certain common spells that enhance their professional abilities.

  • Illusion: Invisibility - Invisibility as per the Thain spell, for rogue level in turns.
  • Illusion: Personal Silence - The spellthief’s person silenced, automatically passing move silently checks and becoming immune to sonic damage for rogue level in rounds.
  • Conjuration: Trickster’s field - All enemies in the area around the target hostile creature in a large radius are blinded for two rounds.
  • Divination: Find Traps - The spellthief casts “Find traps” as per the Thain spell.

Level 3: Advanced Magics - These represent a spellthief who has come a long way in their exploration of the arcane, now able to draw upon “combo” spells that frequently combine some sort of powerful offensive magic with trickery that can help open opponents to sneak attacks.

  • Evocation: Black Ice - This “Iceball” begins as an arcane circle on the target enemy. After 6 seconds, the location explodes, 1d6 damage for every 2 rogue levels (reflex save for half) and slowing enemies for 1 round regardless of save. Afterward a grease field is left for Rogue Level / 3 rounds that slows the movement of enemies walking through it and forces reflex saves (DC 14) or fall prone.
  • Evocation: Acidsplosion - The caster hurles a ball of acid at a target enemy. When it explodes, the rogue makes a ranged touch attack on all enemies in a huge radius, including the target. On a successful hit, it deals 1d6 acid damage per 3 rogue levels and lowers armor by 2d4 for Rogue level / 5 rounds (The touch attack is made on all enemies before damage or AC decrease is applied).
  • Enchantment: Sound inversion - The Spellthief casts a magic on themselves that stores all sound. After six seconds, it unleashes, exploding in a Sound Burst around them for 1d8 sonic damage (DC 14 will save or be stunned) and creating the equivalent spell of “balagarn’s iron horn” on their person in a huge radius.
  • Divination: Arcane Sight - The spellthief gains ultravision and see invisibility for Rogue level in turns.

Level 4: Forbidden Magics - Forbidden magics are only available to the most deeply devoted pursuers of the lost and hidden arcana spellthieves seek. Fully tapping into spells long thought forgotten, there are no spells like these elsewhere.

  • Illusion: Mirror Image - The Spellthief disappears into etherealness for 1.5 seconds, and exits with a copy of themselves as a summon. The copy has all the Spellthief’s items, attacks, buffs, sneak attacks, and damage, but none of their spells. The summon can be commanded and lasts for (Rogue level / 2) + int modifier in rounds.
  • Illusion: Trickster’s edge - The Spellthief goes into a period of fluctuating invisibility. Each round for 10 rounds they are made invisible, even if they are in combat. At the end, the final invisibility duration lasts for Rogue level in rounds.
  • Illusion: Mana bolt - raw unfocused energy leaps at the enemy, dealing 5d6 magic damage and forcing a save vs daze equal to 10 + Rogue level + Spellthief’s int modifier for 3 rounds.
  • Divination: Magic Heist - The spellthief draws a runic circle on the floor that lasts for Rogue level in rounds. Casting the spell a second time creates a portal allies can cross through for the remainder of the duration, with a range limited to the area they are currently in.

Shadow Dancer

Shadow Evade

  • Change duration to (Shadow Dancer level)^2 if it is above 5, otherwise it is 5
    • Duration is still set to rounds, but it will equal 100 rounds (10 turns by level 10)
    • Epic levels it lasts for 12 turns
    • Concealment = 5% @ L5; 10% @ L7; 15% @ L9; 20% @ L10
    • DR = 5 @ L5; 10 @ L8
    • DR avoid = +1 @ L5; +2 @ L7; +3 @ L10
    • AC = +1 @ L5; +2 @ L6; +3 @ L8; +4 @ L10

Shadow Daze

  • Duration changed to Shadow Dancer level
    • Increase this ability to 3/day


Spell Casting

  • Shifters will gain additional Caster Levels in Divine spells at a rate of 1 caster level per 2 shifter levels.
    • For example, a Druid 10, Shifter 6, will cast Divine Spells as Caster Level 13
  • Shifters will gain additional Caster progression in both Divine classes at a rate of 1 progression level per 2 shifter levels.
    • For example, a Druid 10, Shifter 6, will have the casts per day (including access to new spell levels) as a Level 13 druid.

Item Properties

  • All item properties that normally stack will apply to the shifted form unless the character has monk levels
  • Properties from melee weapons or gloves will apply to creature weapons
  • Some humanoid forms will be equipped with a ranged weapon if the shifter is using one


  • Click here for the Shifter Shapes thread on the forums.
    • The Shifter information here is current as of June 16, 2015.
  • Shapes no longer have their respective weapon bonuses; the drow warrior shape doesn't get the Drow Venomblade +3 nor does the lizardfolk whipmaster keep the Shocking Whip. However, shapes with weapons do merge the Shifter's weapon bonuses (if there were any to start with). This was done to balance the class against others.
    • For example, previously a Shifter holding a weapon with 1d4 fire damage would obtain a Drow Venomblade with the following stats: +3 enhancement bonus, On Hit: Poison, 1d4 acid damage, 1d4 fire damage. With the Thain implementation, the only bonus would be 1d4 fire damage.

In order to add more RP venues for Shifters, new alternate shapes are available, most of them being of non-evil alignment. The "/shapes" command or the emote wand can be used to switch from primary to secondary shapes.
When you are level 18+ druid, type /shapes to cycle to the high level druid shapes.

Feat Stock Shape Alternate Shape Abilities
Wildshape (Druid level 5) Boar Raven
Wildshape (Druid level 5) Badger Rat
Wildshape (Druid level 5) Bear Deer
Wildshape (Druid level 5) Panther Bat
Wildshape (Druid level 5) Wolf Snake
Wildshape (Druid level 18) Dire Boar Wereboar +3/15 DR, Power attack + cleave , +2 regen
Wildshape (Druid level 18) Dire Badger Wererat +3/10 DR, 3d6 sneak, +1 regen, weapon finesse, +20 Hide & Move Silently
Wildshape (Druid level 18) Dire Bear Polarbear +3/15 DR, Power attack + cleave, immune to cold
Wildshape (Druid level 18) Dire Panther Werecat +3/10 DR, 3d6 sneak, +1 regen, weapon finesse, +20 Hide & Move Silently
Wildshape (Druid level 18) Dire Wolf Werewolf +3/10 DR, 3d6 sneak, +1 regen, weapon finesse, +20 Hide & Move Silently
Greater Wildshape I Chromatic Wyrmling Metallic Wyrmling
Greater Wildshape II Harpy Faerie Dragon Stun Bolt: ranged touch attack, no save.
Greater Wildshape II Gargoyle Sphynx Paralysis, Fear and Sonic Howls, DC 14.
Greater Wildshape II Minotaur Half-orc
Greater Wildshape III Basilisk Intellect Devourer Stunning Howl, DC 14; Intelligence Draining Bolt, touch attack, no save.
Greater Wildshape III Drider Formian Dominate Person: unlimited uses per day, DC 16; On Hit: Poison, DC 16.
Greater Wildshape III Manticore Ogre Shaman Call Lightning, Cure Serious Wounds and Flame Strike at will.
Humanoid Shape Drow Warrior Elven Warrior
Humanoid Shape Lizardfolk Whipmaster Dwarf
Humanoid Shape Kobold Commando Halfling
Greater Wildshape IV Dire Tiger Hook Horror Dire tiger gets Shadow Jump, Hook Horror has Blood Frenzy and Expeditious Retreat at will.
Greater Wildshape IV Mind Flayer Gelatinous Cube Paralysis and Acid Bolts: ranged touch attacks, no save; On Hit: Poison, DC 16.
Greater Wildshape IV Medusa Dryad Mass Charm and Entangle at will.

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