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This page is current as of May 31, 2015.

Thain has its own custom crafting systems, whose limits are dependant upon the skill rank or level of the crafter.

To begin crafting, open the Craft Merchant by typing in /craft and buying the appropriate base items (e.g., potion bottle, wood planks, wand); alternatively, purchase the appropriate materials in shops, or discover them in the wild.

Craft Armor, Craft Weapon

Smithing is open to PCs who have ranks in Craft Armor or Craft Weapon.

Craft Trap

Jeweling and trap-making is open to PCs who have ranks in Craft Trap.


PCs with ranks in Heal have access to superior health-restoring items scaling to their skill rank.

Magical Crafting

Magical crafting is open to casters who have one of the item creation feats (Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion or Craft Wand).

Caster Levels

Magic item creation has been altered so that they cast their spells at the level of the creator.

Spells that do not scale with Caster Level (i.e., Remove Curse, True Strike, etc.) simply ignore this new Caster Level scripting and labeling.

You can change the Caster Level of the item by using the /setcraftingcasterlevel <n>1 command.

e.g., a level 6 Wizard casts Ghostly Visage on a scroll. The scroll will be named "Ghostly Visage L6" and when used, the effect will last for 6 turns. The text of the scroll's description will still say "Ghostly Visage (3)", but that is superseded by the Thain-created L6 in the name.

Spell Gems

In addition to scrolls, potions, and wands, there are enchantable gems on Thain. These can be used by anyone, regardless of class or UMD skill. They can be created by a caster with any of the item creation feats: Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion or Craft Wand.

The highest quality of these gems can hold spells up to the ninth circle, which is their advantage over potions.

Aside from the obviously-named "Attuned Gems," the curious researcher investigating the properties of other gems may find there is more to them than the common person would expect.


Creation costs a certain amount of gold, and one-tenth that amount in XP. Caster Level is the number of ranks in the spell-casting class of the PC for spells which scale in power or duration with the caster's level. For spells which are invariant, the caster level is fixed by Bioware and is the number at the bottom of the item description in parentheses.

e.g., Dismissal—which has an innate spell level of 4—doesn't scale in duration or power, and the scroll casts as if the caster were level 7 per Bioware: so that's the value of Caster Level used in the formula below for that spell.

Dismissal Scroll: 3 * (spell innate level 4)^2 * (Caster Level 7 per Bioware) = 336gp, 33xp

Scrolls: 3 * (spell innate level)^2 * (casterlevel)
Potions: 3 * (spell innate level)^2 * (casterlevel) * 2
Wands, 50 charges: 3 * (spell innate level)^2 * (casterlevel) * 40
Gems: 3 * (spell innate level)^2 * (casterlevel) * 3 / 2

e.g., level 20 Wizard scribes a scroll of Tenser's Transformation: 3 * 6^2 * 20 = 2160gp, 216xp
e.g., level 16 Druid brews a potion of Camoflague: 3 * 1^2 * 16 * 2 = 96gp, 10xp
e.g., level 10 Wizard crafts a wand of Polymorph Self: 3 * 4^2 * 10* 40 = 19200gp, 1920xp
e.g., level 20 Cleric imbues a gem of Gate: 3 * 9^2 * 20 * 3/2 = 7290gp, 729xp
e.g., level 15 Wizard crafts a scroll of Dismissal: 3 * 4^2 * 7 = 336gp, 33xp

Cost base is the same as it has been since we went to Caster Level-based crafting. This number is reduced by a percentage equal to one of the following conditions:

  • Caster Level above Max Scaling Level of Spell: 2*(Caster Level - Max Level) + 0.75*(Modified Spellcraft)
  • Caster Level equal to or Below Max Scaling Level of Spell: 0.5*(Modified Spellccraft)
  • The modified cost will never be less than 35% of the original cost.

Nota Bene

Crafted Items are marked "stolen" so that the disparity between the NWN engine price and the in-game cost of these items can't be exploited to get rich quick.

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