Thain has a few custom additions which require overrides to make use of, but are not necessary to play. In addition, Thain does not have any content that requires a hakpak download.

Thain-specific Downloads

One-Handed Spears Override

Spears are now a one-handed weapon on Thain. This override will allow for the one-handed spears to be seen in your game.

To gain these changes, you will need to add the following files to your override directory.

Ranger Override

There have been modifications to the Ranger class on Thain; click here for more details. Note that this is not required—you can still use the old version of the Ranger.

To gain these changes, you will need to add the following files to your override directory.

Portrait Pack

Many PCs on Thain have their own custom portrait. You will be unable to see these custom portraits in-game until you download the specific portrait and place it in your NWN/portraits directory. Every portrait pack should have five files: filename_h.tga, filename_l.tga, filename_m.tga, filename_s.tga, and filename_t.tga. For instructions on making your own custom portrait, click here.

To share your portrait with others, go to the latest thread and make a post. You can upload a .zip or .rar portrait pack straight to the forums.

The following is a .zip file containing all Thain character custom portraits as of January 17, 2009. Unzip to your portraits directory.
(Warning: this is hideously out-dated.)

Compiled Portrait Pack

Experience-Enhancing Downloads

Voiceset and Portrait Unlock

This will unlock all the hidden NPC SoU/HotU voicesets and portraits on character creation. You'll have a wider array of voices and portraits to choose from for your character.

Click here for the download page.

Click here for the Thain mirror.

Fists of Doom Override

This will replace the original NWN "fists of doom" with hands that have actual fingers.

Click here for the download page.

nwStory Chat Log Tool

This will help you keep your chatlogs from in-game and store them away.

Cleave takes chatlog.txt files and interprets them in an easy-to-read window, letting you filter text by chat type (Shout, Tell, Whisper, etc.) and character—it cleaves the log from a nasty chunk of text into something useful.

Clobber is a command-line program that you launch NWN through, and it automatically saves chatlogs for you each session—you don't need to remember, just set it up once! It clobbers together a chatlog for you.


  • When you download Cleave, it will come with three files: cleave.exe, msvcp71.dll, and msvcr71.dll. All three of these files must stay together, so simply keep them all in a folder named Cleave.
  • Next, open nwnplayer.ini, which is located in your NWN directory. Under [Game Options], you may see the following:
  • Keep that value at 0. If the value is 1, change it to 0. If that line does not appear in your nwnplayer.ini file, add it with the value of 0.
  • Next, add the line ClientChatLogging=1. Your nwnplayer.ini file should look like this:
  • Save your nwnplayer.ini file and close it.
  • After any session of NWN, you can run Cleave.exe from its folder. File>Open any text log from your NWN/logs folder, and Cleave will display it in the right-hand window with filter options to the left-hand side. You must hit the Apply button to see the filter preferences take effect.
    • Dependant on whether or not you have Clobber installed, your log files may be called nwclientLog1.txt or YYY-MM-DD-##.txt.


Clobber is useful if you only log into one or two servers. If you find yourself logging into several servers, it might become a hassle.

  • As in Cleave's instructions, you must open nwnplayer.ini and ensure that the following two lines appear with the following values:
  • When you download Clobber, the zip file will only contain one file: Clobber.exe. Place Clobber.exe in your NWN directory (e.g., C:\Program Files\NWN or wherever), where other the other executable files are located (i.e., nwconfig.exe, nwmain.exe, etc).
  • Next, right-click on Clobber.exe and select Create Shortcut.
  • Right-click on the shortcut you just created and select Properties. The Target field will look something like this:
"C:\Program Files\NWN\clobber.exe"
  • Next, you'll be adding the command line options. Clobber needs to know what server it's logging you into, if there's a password, whether or not you're logging in as a player or DM, and if you'd like it to save your logs to somewhere specific. In order of how they should appear:
    • -dm tells Clobber if you're launching to the DM client or not. Do not include this if you'd like to launch as a player.
    • -p tells Clobber the password if you're launching into the DM client or onto a password-protected server as a player. Do not include this if a password is not necessary.
    • -s indicates server, and should be followed by the IP address of the server you'd like to connect to. You must always include this.
    • -d indicates the directory for chatlogs to be saved to. If you'd like Clobber to dump them in the default path, NWN\logs, do not include this.
      • e.g., if you'd like Clobber to save your logs to your Documents\RP folder, you would type -d C:\User\My Documents\RP\.
  • An example of the command line, if you're just logging in as a player with logs saved to the default directory (reccomended):
"C:\Program Files\NWN\clobber.exe" -s
  • To log in as a DM with the logs saved to a custom location:
"C:\Program Files\NWN\clobber.exe" -dm -p ** -s -d C:\Custom location\
  • Hit OK to save the Properties of the Shortcut. Place this Shortcut on your desktop, taskbar, start menu, etc. Wherever you want. Launch NWN via this shortcut and everything will be taken care of! You might want to rename it something like "Thain Player" or "Thain DM" so you can keep track of where it's taking you. You can have multiple shortcuts, too!

Click here for the download page.

Click here for the forum thread regarding nwStory.

Project Q

A reskinning of the base NWN tilesets with updated graphics. Makes the bland, boring, and old look brand-new and exciting. All downloads and instructions are available on the site.

Click here for the download page.

NWNCQ Project

Like Project Q, NWNCQ reskins much of NWN's base content with updated graphics (both textures and polygons). All downloads and instructions are available on the site.

Click here for the download page.

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