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This is a collection of famous (and infamous) items and relics that have appeared on Thain. Occasionally, such an item will manifest and cause a splash of hardship and intrigue, shaping events and people alike. Please feel free to add your own!

When penning an addition, consider answering questions like; when was the item first seen? Where did it come from? What did it look like? Why it was notable? Who owned it? Where did it disappear to?

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Amulet of Flame

After drawing a card from a gypsy's Deck of Hazards, Elvith Dy'nesin burst into flames and was possessed by the very essence of fire. He fled to the Plane of Fire and could only regain control of his self after jeri-theed-orman took him down with the help of Heavy Metal. Still, after this episode, Elvith would randomly burn up in the most awkward of situations, though this would never damage him.

To remedy this, he sought out the mage Bigrin Zedelnor, who gave him a list of ingredients. After gathering them all with the help of other adventurers, Bigrin completed the amulet and gave it to Elvith. Since then, he has full control of his abilities.

The Amulet of Flame is a simple locket on a chain. Reagents necessary included wyrm beetle carapace, fire opals and tree sap. Inside the locket, a magical flame always burns.

An IC thread can be found here

Angaz Barag


This suit of plate might seem heavy and uncomfortable, but it has been crafted from Mithril, making it lighter than most suits of plate. The wearer would feel very comfortable and flexible while wearing the armor. Over the mithril, the crafter has reinforced it with a layer of Adamantine which makes it more resistant and durable. On the right side of the chest plate a symbol of Moradin can be found; a Hammer and anvil. On the left side is an insignia marking the wearer a member of the C.D.F. The insignia resembles a shield with half a gear sticking out of it. A keen eye would observe that both of the shoulder plates lighten up the area around the wearer with a dull blue light. Both of the bracers might catch the eye of anyone, as they look like very small control panels with a few switches. With dwarven runes the crafter has carved the name of the plate, “Angaz Barag”, which in common means “Ironwork War Machine”. The dwarven runes for M.K are carefully carved into the collar, which is the trademark of the dwarven crafter Murin Kvistir.

~Special Magitech features~

But there is more to this plate than it would seem. Like the name explains, this is not just a piece of armor, it is also a machine of war. By triggering a small lever in the left bracer the wearer can activate Angaz Barag. This will cover the wearer in plates extending from the back and breast plate, effectively turning him into a large golem-like creature under his direct control. The suit is powered by two power cores. These cores can be found under the under the shoulder plates and they give a dull blue glow. The cores can be recharged quickly by strong healing spells or else they would need a full day to recover.

The suit also has a built in helmet that by pulling a switch will extend from a hidden recess in the neck of the armor and cover the wearer's head. Since the helmet is connected to the plate and doesn't allow anything to break through, drinking potions would become a problem. Therefore, a potion injector is installed in the right bracer, which can be activated by switch on the backhand of the right glove. This will open a recess in the right bracer where the potion may be injected.

The armor is in possession of Gloin Firsparks.

Armour of Delgrim

This armour was once upon a time worn by the dwarven hero Delgrim Fargirn.
This great dwarven hero was said to have died while holding off a Duegar raiding party in the defence of his wounded bretheren, who were ordered to retreat. His body was never found after that faithful day.

The armour is still extremely serviceable and seems to be enchanted to repel attacks made by the Duegar.
The sheer bulk of the armour decreases the wearers reflexes, but aids them in keeping a steady footing in battle.

Amulet of the Shapewalker

This ancient relic of those that call themselves shifters is in the hands of it's guardian; Phoenix Anisai, who protects it with her life if necessary . It is a simple but beautiful golden chain with a deep blue gem that glows whenever the light hits it a certain way, this causes the shifter to change forms. It can be involuntary if care is not taken to shield the amulet from the light. When not in the hands of a shifter, the amulet itself shifts into something else entirely. While in the possession of the Lich Uultak it disguised itself as a simple gem. When Talon picked it up it began changing into different gems until Talon placed it into Merta's hand. Once it came into contact with her hand it shifted back into the amulet, it has since then stayed around her neck, sometimes in plain view other times she hides it to keep the light from causing the amulet to change her form.


Colorless Eggs

A rare occurrence among dragons, these eggs have no color. In order to hatch, they draw upon a dragon or half dragon that touches them, with fatal results. It was noted by Gzalmash that hayleigh-faldanis withstood the power of the egg greater than any dragon has been reported too… leading belief that it has less of effect on those with mixed blood rather than pure draconic blood. A clutch was found by Fhelkhorn, who sought to use them against Gzalmash. His attempt ultimately succeed, though after much struggle one the part of the mortal population and the dragons, he was stopped. As a direct result of the conflict, Gzalmash, Fhelkhorn, and zantar died, and the scalechild returned to hibernation. phrexir died in the hatching of the second egg, sometime later.

It is believed the remaining eggs where destroyed when the cave in which they hid was sealed after the removal of two, one by bugbears under the command of Fhelkhorn and one by hayleigh-faldanis. These two eggs have hatched, birthing haurach-levex and kyorlurn-ux-isk. It also was used to birthed the Rune Dragon, with help of a major haste spell, that Fhelkhorn used as a distraction when he was scheming against Gzalmash.


The enter clutch was laid by the silver dragon, Lunae, who died in the birthing. Her rider, an elf named Tanmus Woodshadow, hid them in his grief before disappearing. It is said that such a clutch appears once a millennium.

Gem of Kaos


Greaves of Jupiter Fulgur

This pair of greaves resembles those of a Triarius' armor. They are each engraved with a pair of lightning bolts. Jupiter crafted these to reward the piety of tiberius-vitellus and delivered them to him after a religious sacrifice.

The divinity of the greaves allows Vitellus' prayers to reach the gods where those of others would have been lost before reaching heaven, marking him as especially favored by Jupiter.

Gladius Vitalis

History and Description: The Gladius Vitalis, or Sword of Life in the common language, is a Thayan longsword. It was forged by Mandar Lucian Aghanim Aquila utilizing a wealth of knowledge including studies of positive energy, Thayan swordcraft, the Celestial alphabet and runes on the sword of the Empyrean Aurora's Colonel Bennars. The result is a blade with razor-sharp edges, a fine point, a soft yellow glow and a strong magical aura. The sword is decorated by three Thayan runes on both sides of the blade, filled with the molten dust of a large ruby. The power of life itself is bound in the blade. A strike causes a local overload of positive energy in the victim's wounds, making the flesh exand rapidly and often causing minor explosions that leaves terribly deep wounds.
An unintentional side effect of imbuing something with life is that the sword seems alive. While not possessing an independent intelligence, it seems to prefer to be wielded by those who value life. While the Gladius Vitalis is a tool for killing, as all swords are, it also offers insight in the flow of life in all creatures for those who keep their minds open to its influence. The sword is pleasant to wield, bestowing a sense of calmness and focus.

The Gladius Vitalis was lost on a drifting plane, stuck there until the time comes when a bridge between the planes can be formed, and the sword wrestled from the hands of its inhibitants.

Grimstone's War Horn

The great humanoid war was a long war and the dwarves finally drove the orc invaders back to their mountain fortress. Even though the orcs were outnumbered, their position and fortifications prevented the dwarves from attacking any further. With time on their side the orcs dug caverns and tunnels, underneath the mountain, to gain allies from the underdark and gather strength. The dwarves needed to breach the fortress quickly and cripple the orcs. The dwarves turned to their most brilliant mind, Fireluck Grimstone for a solution.

Grimestone thus created the his war horn. The horn was made from the tusk of the famous orc warrior and priest, Kuluk. The war horn was meant to strike fear and terror in the hearts of humanoids. Its loud tone deafens any orc or goblin ear that its sound falls upon like the shriek of a dying cat.

Upon its only use ever the horn was blown upon the fortress walls stunning the orcs manning its fortifications and cracking the walls and splintering the main gate. The deafening sound of the horn inspired courage and gave strength to the dwarven army. This gave them the opportunity needed for the dwarves to rush the walls and bring down the gate. After the dwarves were inside the battle became a slaughter as every orc was killed or driven underground. The war had been won at last.

Unfortunately the effect of the horn was so powerful it drained much of its magic rendering the horn useless. It now sits upon the great underground dwarven museum which was buried a long time ago by an unusual natural catastrophe.

Hammer of Songs

This warhammer is of an ancient Dwarven design.
Runes cover its every surface, only the handle is
worn smooth by generations of wielders.

Reputedly it was forged by the first king of Hammersong himself
and served as a symbol of royal authority among the
Dwarves for generations. It became imbued with the
Dwarven sense of tradition, justice and law, and is
now a powerful weapon against the forces of chaos.

According to Dwarven legends it was taken into the
final battle of an apocalyptic war hundreds of year ago.
While it helped overcome the enemies of Good and Law,
its wielder fell in the battle and the hammer was lost
for generations. It has now be found again.

While the hammer strikes with terrible force at all times,
it shows its true powers when wielded against those of a
chaotic nature. Each hit is followed by a terribly loud clang,
like the ring of hammer on anvil - only many times amplified.
Often enemies will be stunned by this.

But the weapon also has an influence on its wielder.
He or she will tend to become rigid in his views,
putting law and tradition above everything else.
The hammer will make him or her tend to forget that
justice should be tempered with wisdom and empathy.

Liber Magnificare

A tome clad in red leather, featuring the image of a horn-crowned demonic visage. Runes moved by an unseen force twist across the covers, forming ever-changing patterns around the central image.

The holder of the tome is empowered with the fury of a thousand tormented spirits. The wielder will be elevated to tower above mortals like a god. The demonic nature of the tome however, can not be entirely contained.

The pages contain the secrets of blood-rituals, the names of many demons and how to call upon them, and how to channel the malice of the Abyss. The first page however is written in clear terms.

"Deity without chains

Power without limit

Reign without end"

Shaft of Kaos


Singing Sword

This sword whistles many notes as it flies through the air. The sections of the blade seem tailored to resonate at exact frequencies. When it strikes objects, the clash is amplified many times.

The Singing Sword made itself known to Lady lia-kross many years ago and has not left her possession since.

Skull of Kaos

The Skull of Kaos is one of three relics found in the Black Cleric event. By combinding the Skull with the Shaft of Kaos and Gem of Kaos, you get the Staff of Kaos. The items have never been combined so the power of the staff is still unknown. It is said though that the Staff would be the most single powerful relic on the isle.


Shadowed Pain

History and Description: The Shadowed Pain was created by an ancient Shadow Dragon. The dragon used part of the life force of the Red Wizard Gharos to make this artifact and subsequently gave it to him, in exchange for a favor done. It was a metallic wizard's staff adorned with a bronze skull. The eyes of the skull were lit up by a dull, orange glow. The very presence of the item was depressing, darkening the moods of those nearby. After years of faithful use, Gharos let the Shadowed Pain slip into disuse, growing weary of it's life-draining presence and the touch of shadow magic. During his time in Delhumide, he finally destroyed the staff, and the relic passed on into history.

Sharpshadow Blade

A quick-cutting blade, suited to those who prefer to strike fast and retreat rather than stand toe to toe with their enemies. The name suggests a history with the Shadow Thieves of Amn, though it is not documented as some of their other tools are. The organization has many sub-guilds however, and this may have come from one of them.

Soul Shank

This kukuri blade is well balanced, and glows softly with a pulsing red light. That alone would make it quite unique, but it's true ability shines forth when encountered by outer planars. Indeed, this blade glows when it has tasted the blood of an extraplanar, and only then is the name visible, written in gold on left side of the blade, "Soul Shank."

Tear of Valorien

There is a coolness about this strange shaped crystal. On holding it, the holder has the sensation of running a hand through crystal clear water.

These tears were shed by valorien, the spirit embodying nature itself. Only a few ever existed at one time, and they are few and prized by those who still possess the fortune to carry one.

Ti'ana's Armour

The history of Thain can be told through many tales of battles won and lost, but it is perhaps the friendships formed between people that have the most lasting effect.

One friendship noted in the legends did not have such significance as that of Kynonnen and Draxus for example, but was powerful in its own way: that of Ti'ana and Caelith.

How the human bard and the elf warrior became such close friends is not recorded, but what was known was that they shared a bond so tight they were inseparable. They did many good deeds and fought against evil in Thain, drawing strength from their friendship and the love they had for each other.

Their actions did not go unheeded. A dark sect emerged after years of knowledge gathering, and mustering all their vileness and hatred, they unleashed a terrible disease no the settlement that Ti'ana and Caelith lived in. This terrible malady soon took hold, but Caelith, to his amazement, found his elven blood made him resistant.

There was no hope for Ti'ana or the rest of the settlement. Even the most powerful healers could do nothing for the disease. Caelith spent many nights lying next to Ti'ana, holding her and hoping that he too might suffer and eventually die by her side. Then, one night, he dreamed of a crystal in a beautiful grove, but he sensed something horribly wrong there.

It tore his heart to leave her, but kissing Ti'ana's forehead he set off in search of the grove. Guided by an unknown force, he headed south and came across the grove later that day. Within he saw the sect performing a ritual around the crystal, tainting it and in a rage he attacked and slew them all…but it was not enough…the crystal lay tainted. Then, guided by a natural force he felt around him, he knew what he must do. Putting his weapons aside, he dove into the crystal, thinking of Ti'ana, and gave up his strength.

But as Ti'ana woke, she sensed the loss of her friend and wept as she knew what had happened. But as she cried, she felt something watching her, guarding her. She got up and felt compelled to don her armour and go once more to fight evil, as Caelith and she had done many times. But as the armour settled into place, she felt different…there was something else there, wrapping around her and giving her comfort and hardiness. Her tears fell once more, turning into silvery threads where they touched the armour. She knew that Caelith was still with her.

The armour passed into the tales of legend, but with it will always go the memory of friendship shared that is stronger than any evil or despair.

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