The Death Of Uthundor, Andras's Account

I had made this trek, from Hamley to the Wastes, a hundred times or more over the long years. Despite the enormity of our quest, the trip was quite routine. Those I traveled with, both friends and enemies alike were skilled and for the most part disciplined and the vile creatures we encountered posed little real threat.

Ash had come to me with talk of how Pariah was to defeat the Stormlord Uthundor, all his arguments about coming to help seemed reasonable enough, and against my better judgment I vowed to assist when the time came. Had I known a Red Wizard was coming along I might just have broken that promise.

Seven set out that day, bound for the Wastes. Four servants of The Light and three pawns of Darkness in common cause to rid Thain of the hated Dragoneater. The power of the storm, which had passed from the rest of Thain, still savaged the Wastes assaulting them with stinging rains and flashes of lightning. We traveled onward towards the heart of the storm, the children of Uthundor causing us little more trouble than the creatures of the Drakemyre, and all fell before our combined might.

I gripped Nykia’s Song tightly, an all too familiar feeling creeping over my senses… The Dragon was near!

The maelstrom above us reached a furious peak, the air itself an unnatural blue haze obscuring our view. We seven spread out across the sands, our quarry illusive despite his size. Lightning flashed in an almost constant rhythm turning the darkness to day and back again. I peered into the darkness and in a flash of searing light I saw him! Uthundor towered above me, the dragon no less impressive for having lost his relic. I called out to the rest and the battle was joined, no quarter was given or received. The great Blue roared in rage and defiance and despite will, despite discipline, despite experience, the dragonfear ripped through our ranks, scattering us to the perils of the Wastes.

Some fell to the sinking sands, some to the beetles that waited just beyond the battleground, others to the rage of the great Blue. The battle seemed lost almost as soon as it was begun. My reason returning, I peered through the darkness trying to find the others. What I saw filled me with hope! Another great dragon, his scales shining metallic in the flickering light was locked in combat with Uthundor.

With desperate speed we aided our fallen, and rejoined the battle. Sword and spell, axe and bow joined with claw and fang against the Blue. I moved to support the metallic dragon, Nykia’s Song singing clear and true through the melee bedlam and through blue scales alike. Uthundor was sorely pressed by our combined fury and once again roared in defiance. Again the dragonfear overcame some; those of us still able continued the fight.

Which one of us had opened the gap in the great Blue’s scales was uncertain, but the opportunity lay revealed. I drew upon the weave around me to imbue my arrow with powerful magic, and as I drew the missile back I asked the Light to guide my aim. A calm descended upon me then, and the darkness cleared for a brief moment. My enchanted arrow flew straight and true and pierced deep into the vulnerable flesh of the great Blue.

Uthundor fell heavily to the ground, which shook from the sudden impact. With a brief word of thanks to The Light, I sighed in relief.

Quickly I scanned the battlefield for anyone in need, my eyes fell upon the red robed wizard Lorman who appeared to be still suffering the dragonfear. The villain was at the mercy of a desert beetle, and in the moment I took aim a rage filled my heart staying my shot. A simple moment's hesitation and the red wizard would fall or better yet a slight shift of aim and I could end his foul existence. Knuckles strained white against the handle of my bow; I closed my eyes and released my arrow. When I opened them again a beetle lay dead, the Thayan alive.

I rejoined the others and watched as Pariah claimed her prize, the head of Uthundor. The massive head rolled to the side as she cleaved through the neck with her foul sword. It was then I felt a strange wave of nausea as I watched her work, the pain inside growing with every moment. Something was wrong!

Suddenly Pariah fell to her knees as a great shape took form before her; the immense shape clearly that of a dragon, but with five fearsome heads… Tiamat had come! Clearly pleased with the outcome the Dragon Queen thanked her servant and we who came at her bidding and then gruesomely devoured Uthundor’s head, all five of her terrible maws tearing it asunder.

I had not encountered a being of such loathsome malevolence since Zentarus, and her blessing was as vial as a curse. I wonder how long will it take for my soul to be cleansed of this abhorrent stain? Still, at least some good had come of it, the return of some ancient relics and answers to a very old mystery …

As I vowed, so was a promise kept, to a friend, to duty and to The Light.

~Andras D'arkkon Keeper of Thain.

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