The Fist Of Raziel, Andras's Account

Lynest Hallyion, The Fist of Raziel.

Lynest was a holy paladin of Torm and self ascribed Fist of Raziel.

She arrived on Thain at a time when there was much trouble brewing with those of questionable heritage. Dragon-kin and other powerful mixed-bloods wandered the lands in increasingly greater numbers. She began a holy crusade to rid Thain of those tainted by evil. Upon meeting her I was pleased to find another valuable ally in our struggle against the darkness. She was swift to action and soon the roads were marked with the impaled remains of those we knew who reveled in the pain and suffering of others. While I found such displays somewhat heavy-handed I could not argue her quick success against powerful agents of evil.

Still, her zeal in action and her intractable conviction began to concern me.

My growing concerns were justified in the following weeks as she began to not only target those who embraced evil, but those who strove to overcome the taint of their blood as well. Soon anyone who opposed her judgments became targets be they good or evil. I held out hope that I could somehow convince her to try and moderate her zealousness. Before I could try however, fate played her hand and Lynest was challenged by Pariah and her cohorts.

While I disagreed with Lynest's methods I could not stand idly by and let her be murdered by the villains of Thain, and so on the appointed day and at the appointed time, a gathering of Light came together in the Moribund to defend the Fist of Raziel against those who sought to destroy her. We stood ready to defend her but to our surprise two planar aspects appeared, one of fiendish origin and the other celestial in nature. The Celestial presence entreated with us not to intervene in the coming battle, and warned us that should we interfere we would only assure Lynest's ultimate defeat.

I do not ascribe to understand the will of higher beings, and to this day I still have my own misgivings about what we did, or failed to do that night. We watched helplessly, bound by our pledge, as Lynest struggled and ultimately fell to the overwhelming odds against her. Defeated, her body vanished before her murderers could desecrate her further, some small solace in the greater tragedy.

In the days and weeks that followed reports came to me of strange happenings, odd luminal auras and even blessings of The Light to those who spoke in reverence of Lynest or visited the site of her final battle. I even experienced this myself and it fills me with hope that perhaps somehow, someplace her service to The Light goes on.

A martyr she was made and in my heart I will keep the lessons she taught us.

Evil cannot flourish when Good stands opposed to it unwavering,
Hold to hope, seek the right, defend the Light and never ever yield.

~Andras D'arkkon Keeper of Thain.

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