The Hurt

After the Fall of Fhelkhorn an arcane winter blanketed Hamley. Such was the strength of the winter (to ensure that it would be crucial in the killing of Fhelkhorn) that it lasted an unnaturally long time; powered by four elven pylons created by greenvale. After the initially freezing took place, the pylons went inactive.

The artificial winter left after some time, however, and most of the people of hamley returned to minor repairs to their small village. During such time a food shortage took the island, mainly noticed by the poor who were majorly effected. To ensure this was not to be repeated, Hamley began building more stocks and storage for their town.

While all this occured, it became evident something was not right within the land. At first only minor changes took place, spells acting weird at random times or the weather changing on a whim. However, more recently, drastic changes have occured… "Earth motes" have taken to the skies (flying masses of land) and strange arcane crystals with corrupt elementals have began sprouting from the ground. Some report the waters coming alive before them, or earth randomly changing to ooze before bursting into a cloud of smoke.

Even though feywood initially made it clear they would not help such harsh conditions have given them a change of heart and recently they have agreed to begin assisting in the matter… though what exactly has caused such chaos remains unknown…

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