The Return Of Chane Dalley Andras's Account

Chane, little do I know of this man but already I know too much.

I was one of the first to see the return of this heinous villain, outside of the crossroads Trade and Tackel. A group of us were across the stream having fended off a goblin attack when I noticed from the corner of my eye the effects of great magics being cast. Cautiously I went to investigate an arrow nocked and readied. As I approached I saw a man dressed in armor of red and black and upon his head a hideous mask of bone. He was casting powerful magics, tho I cannot say to what effect, the display was both dazzling and unnerving.

I am not the wisest of men, but I knew this man was up to no good. I quickly returned to my companions to tell them of this strange newcomer but it was already too late. The sounds of conflict carried the message of danger faster than I could and we all made haste towards the source. The stranger was slaughtering the guards and all the while he was raving how they should worship him! We arrived as quickly as possible but it was too late for the guards who lay dead at the stranger's feet, quickly we surrounded him and demanded an explanation for this evil act.

His voice was cold and chilled me, filling me with a dread I did not believe words could instill. He told us that he, "Chane", had returned and that we should all bow down to him. My comrades-in-arms balked at this and I, feigning bravado, told him that we bow to no one. This seemed to enrage him, but before anything else could be said the battle was upon us. Nostromo, whom I did not notice leaving, suddenly appeared behind the villain and drove his weapon in for a killing blow. The blade drove home but Chane seemed unharmed. Nostromo, so sure of his success, could only stare at the weapon in his hand as Chane struck him down in a single blow! He stood laughing over the corpse of our companion, the sound of his evil laughter sliced through our shock and the company advanced upon him. Of the ensuing battle I remember little for as I approached Chane the world went black.

When I returned from the void I saw to my horror that the corpses of my comrades surrounded me. Gralg was there, raising those who had fallen and I did what little I could to help but I am no healer.

Chane, little do I know of this man but already I know too much!

What I do know for certain is that he must be stopped.


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