The History Book - Timeline Of Major Events

The Age of Gods

Thain was once the domain of a pantheon of Minor Gods who were attracted there by a vast energy that emitted from beneath the island. Such was their hold there that the major Gods paid little attention. To compete for control of this island, they would have to invest more of themselves than they perceived worthwhile. Thus their voices became mere whispers in this land. The "Local Gods" however were rapidly unraveling the mysteries that veiled this energy source. As they grew in power and understanding they were able to use more and more of this energy for themselves.

Eventually they started to become petty and began to squabble between each other. Wars were fought on their behalf upon the mortal realm, and suffering became more wide spread.

At the height of their bickering, a powerful evil force spilled forth and consumed the land. Hordes of foul creatures never before seen in the land streamed forth from seemingly every cave, fissure, and hole in the rock. More came down from the sky. Others simply appeared amid bursts of energy or from the thin air itself. Only the strongest stood against this tide and they only like rocks jutting from the surface of a raging river, separate and helpless to change the course of the deluge.

It didn't take long before the Gods realized their grievous error. They had in fact created this evil with their own pettiness. All the waste, death, destruction, and strife they had caused with this energy had manifested itself. It became as a malignant pool like one that will form in the bottom of a bowl of rotting fruit. It dwelled in the hearts of the creatures that it called and seeped into the minds of men who's minds held shadows. It befouled everything it touched.

For the first time in an age, the Gods unified their forces to combat what they had unleashed. They gathered what little strength they had remaining and staged a massive series of attacks that finally drove the darkness below the ground. They had not yet won, however. In pushing back the darkness they had condensed it. What it held, it held with impossible strength and it still held too much influence upon the land. It was determined that it must be driven out at all costs.

An army was created the likes of which has never been seen, or will again. The Gods themselves manifested to lead the battle.

The Battle was on a scale that can only be called apocalyptic. Mountain were cast down, their roots torn asunder. The earth was rent and even the barriers between realms was torn. Emanation from it were felt around the world, although by this time the Major Gods had no power to intercede. Not one God survived the conflict. Each in their turn fell, but each did not fail to make the Enemy pay dearly. The final moment came when the last of the great among the mortal races stood alone at the ventralcal source of the energy that the Gods had so long controlled and had become the strength of the enemy. Calling upon the last of their magic and strength and fueling a mighty spell with their lives, the succeeded in capping the flow of energy and sealing it from this realm. There last whish, for it to remain so forever.

The ethereal remains of the Gods stayed within the land, without conscience, will, or focus. An unthinking mass was all that remained of the individual entities that were once so proud. Now, after an eternity of time has passed that mass has begun reforming into individual entities again. Some bare likenesses to their former selves, but none are what they once were. At the same time, the seals are weakening and strange crystalline structures have penetrated through the vault that holds the darkness at bay and into this realm, allowing it to seep forth in wisps and trickles. Once more foul creatures walk the land and great sources of power have emerged. Once again it will become the task of mortals to decide the fate of the Island of Thain, and possibly the entire realm. This has become known as the First Cataclysm.

The First Age of Heroes

Over the years the struggle of the newly-awakened gods and the infiltration of evil culminated in the great conflict of the Shadow War between the two most powerful gods: Andarus of the Light and Zentarus of the Dark. Beings of equal strength and diametrically-aligned powers (some even say they were two aspects of the same being), their struggle escalated and drew all other powers of Thain into its embrace.

As the whirlwind of destruction intensified, the heroes of the land realized that the war was threatening to destroy all of Thain in a Second Cataclysm. They managed to convince the gods to cease their struggle, but it became apparent that the old wards against evil had already been severely weakened. Only by sacrificing their very existence, did the gods manage to seal the rifts again. So passed another generation of gods into history and oblivion.

The Second Age of Heroes

Magic had fled the island, as had the sunlight, resulting in the dismal Darkwet blanketing the island for months; which scholars mark as the beginning of the second age. But slowly magic and light returned. Although greatly weakened the riftstones still spread their evil unto the island, and the power is still there for new gods to form and take on new persona's. Heroes are still needed to defend the Island of Thain. Many of the 'powers' about the island are fading with the death of the Aspect Dragons and ascension of Draxus Ultimax.

The Vacuum and rise of the Elements

The vacuum created by the fall of the Dragon aspects left the Island astray, in the hands and claws of the largest or vilest creatures, while the benevolent ones tried to support and nourish the ongoing rulers, either subtly or in plain light. It is to remind that in this time mortal, even though ancient, creatures claimed power and rule over the different areas of Thain.

With the turmoil happening, the Source power manifested itself in order to restore balance on Thain, it appeared in the form of the four elements which, each in its own way, act trying to keep balance through their emissaries, either in elemental form or mundane, such as adventurers.

The Four Elemental Manifestations are Arderak of the Wind, Entheat of the Earth, F'tarek of Fire and Wai'lainai of Water.

Amauntor and the fall of the Blood Guard

The Blood Guard were guardians of the roads between the Feywood and Hammersong Trail South, and from the village of Webster Landing and the City of Steinkreis, they were honored and their duty taken in high regard.

Alas, when the land is in turmoil often its guardians fall in disgrace in search of means to better protect what is their to protect.

The corruption began when the three daughters of the dead god Amauntor appeared and offered the Blood Guard power, forging them armor and weapons relying on a component yet unknown on the Island of Thain: the Blood of World.

While the crafts make the Blood Guard stronger the main component started to poison the Guards' mind, making first the weaker than even the most worthy, bend their will to Amauntor's.
The daughters manipulated the Guard force in the pursue their own desires, the resurrection of their father, Amauntor.

The Aspects of the Elements wary of the dangers coming from the rebirth of such diety travelled among the adventurers of Thain, in search of those worthy to be their Heralds and Chosen ones.
A Chosen was found for each aspect, together they fought against the Dread Sisters and restored the balance on the Land.

As the Sisters were defeated their charm over the Blood Guard ended, yet the masses needed coulprits and were not satisfied with the blood of three witches; also forgiveness for those who perpetrated the will of Amauntor's Daughters was not granted, as it rarely is, when needed to be offered to others.

Thus the Blood guard ended and was disbanded while the Chosen were sent to spread the teachings of the Aspects.


As the times seem ripe and the designs complete the ancient lich Zhrindhar made his move, reaching out from the depths of the Earth. Deep within Bagnorn Keep the Evil made his lair and his malignant crafts drawed servants to his purpose of dominion.

His workings were subtle, for the minds of the unwary were corrupted through sentient items and promises of dark and great powers. Many fell for his crafts, for they were exquisite, and even more for the promises power.

So the lich armies, both living and undead laid seige to the city of Steinkreis, though the valiant actions of the Knights and courageous adventurers repelled the attack.

Broken the siege of the city of Steinkreis a great army was gathered, powers of both light and dark - for not all the Evils would share the Lich power - participated in the fight against the Undead.

The armies of the Lich and Steinkreis clashed in Bagnorn Keep, the fighting was fierce, the deaths many from both sides, the orks and the undeads though, could not stand the largest wave ever crashing over the Grey Mountains.

At last, the inner rooms of the Keep were breached and Zhirindhar engaged.

The battle was an epic show of magical and phisical prowess, it is said that lasted for days, not many of those present would recount the happennings, suffice to say that even if decimated, the army walked out from the Orks Keep victorious.

Zirhindar the Lich was no more.

The Occupation and Desolation of Davenshire

From foreign lands people called Tirothians arrived to Thain, seeking new land to colony. Among the many lands present they believed that the more livable and easily conquered was the Davenshire, thus they set forth to conquer the settlement.

Through guile, manipulation and the clenched iron fist of the Banites, the Tirothians occupied the settlement. The halflings, who dwelt there, upon realizing what came to pass, stood up and rebelled against the Tirothians and Banite Forces.

A resistance of halflings and other races was formed and drove off the invaders, forcing them to leave the Island.

Yet the Tiroth would not be so easily vanquished and swore vengeance to the Rightsized.

The Tirothians machinations found fertile ground with the Red Wizards of Thay. Such union brought forth a power unlike the island had ever seen.

For what was to come, to this day, still are uncertain the reasons and remain unspoken the motives that lead to such alliance.

Thayan Necromancers used their Arcane Mastership to release a spell of ancient design and utter destruction, that lay waste of Davenshire, destroying all life caught on its path.

Yet this was not the only result, the spell triggered a curse that fell over the land. The after effect, was perhaps even more troubling than the immediate effect.

The land became cursed and barren, the dead bodies reanimated in their undead form.

Davenshire, once famous for his fertility of the lands and eerie laughter of its inhabitants became the land of the dead.

The people of Thain, deeply moved by the events, rallied together once more seeking revenge for the fallen. As one they moved against the Thayan Enclave; for long those of Thay withstood the many assaults, yet, eventually, their magical wards fell and the enclave in the South was destroyed.

It was at this time believed that the Thayan menace was gone for good.

Fhelkhorn and the Arcane Winter

The Ancient Red Dragon Fhelkhorn, moved by its lust for power and territorial dominion, decided to extend his lands from the Drakamyre to Hamley.
The power of the dragon was enormous and adventurers struggled against the dragon's will, as he unleashed a campaign of terror against the men and women of Hamley and the lands about it.
Yet, in the end, through sacrifice of Gzhalmash the Silver, the Ancient Red was encased in a tomb of Ice, within a lake near the town of Hamley.
The tomb caused a major climate unbalance, which was slowly resolved through the combined efforts of the Hamley population and Adventurers.

The Morting Presence

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