The War Of The Ridgeshield

The War of the Ridgeshield was a conflict between the Thayan Enclave and the Allied Forces of Thain, led by the Amalgam Order as represented by Jeri Theed Orman, Zura Hailene, and Dampf Feuer.

The Amalgam Order was supported by Orman and his CDF, the Brotherhood Guards, the Keepers of Thain, the Rightsized Maidens and Knights, the Stewards of Hammersong, and the elven forces of Greenvale.

To date, it is the largest conflict Thain has seen, aside from the Shadow War.

War was declared after a Thayan force, led by Paydon Darkmare, infiltrated the peaceful village of Davenshire and destroyed it in a massive show of obliterating arcane energy in an event known as the the Desolation of Davenshire. The war consisted primarily of the the Siege of the Enclave, which lasted several long months.

The war finally ended when a small allied force fought its way into the Enclave and destroyed it with an ancient firepowder recipe. The South Coast is, to this day, almost inhospitable as a result of the rampant destruction.

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