Kaithrixla was the charge of zantar.

The Scalechild plot pitted bantalacar, a black dragon who wanted the scalechild egg, against Zantar the bronze. bantalacar promised adventurers riches and the secret of eternal life in exchange for killing Zantar. The goodly (and just plain skeptical of a black dragon's promises) adventurers outweighed the venal. Eventually they discovered the focus of contention was the scalechild egg.

Adventurers finally killed bantalacar in a lair near the ruins of the Celestial Temple.

The scalechild eventually hatched and reappeared a few times in other dragony contexts.


The Scalechild is an artifact, rather than a living creature. She was born of contention between all dragon races. With little to no connection to any of the draconic gods, she acts of her own accord and appears when balance needs to be maintained between dragonkind.

In order to prevent widespread war between Dragonkind, Kaithrixla appointed one dragon of each color as an aspect-dragon of their kind. She would then pick one of the current living aspects and bind to them, granting them agelessness so long as they aided the Scalechild in her quest for balance. Once that dragon's time was up, she would move onto a new Aspect.

The Scalechild's balance maintaining methods had little sympathy for mortals and generally only focused on how it affected the dragons of the world. This has earned her the ire of many an adventurer who disliked her mannerisms and choices on how to fix the dragon problems.

With all of the aspect dragons supposedly deceased, she has returned to a stage of hibernation with the message 'Now is the time of mortals.'

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