The Aspect Dragons

The Aspect Dragons are dragons of their respective color who have risen above their brethren in lifespan and size. Picked by the Scalechild to watch over their flights and the balance of their powers, their numbers were never uneven. Should a number of the aspects of Evil flights die, aspects of good would have to follow them to maintain a balanced scale.

Uthundor the Blue

An ancient blue dragon with a lair in the far northwest of the island. Uthundor had been sleeping for most of known history, but with the passing of the gods after the Shadow War, woke and began to assert control of the island.

Eventually Uthundor was killed by a group of adventurers including Pariah Fetton, Lorman Mer'vel, Andras D'arkkon, Ash Menderlin and the ranger Galewyn, with aid from Zantar the Bronze. The Storm relic he controlled was smashed, but with its control gone, a maelstrom of violent storms whipped the island as the nature sought balance.

Reference: The Death of Uthundor, Andras's Account

Fhelkhorn the Red

Fhelkhorn was responsible for the fall of Karistad and burned the village down in order to lair on the ruins. Long has he posed a threat on Thain, and many times he has been believed to be slain, those these rumors have proved useless after he rises time and time again. Other dragons have posed as him, or as his offspring in order to gain recognition and strike fear in the hearts of mortals, but eventually these lies were dispelled in favor of the truth: Fhelkhorn holds no true offspring other than what hatched from the last remaining Colorless Egg.

His latest exploit is believed to be his last, in which he manipulated Gzalmash through his emotions when dealing with the birth of a golden dragon and the supposed death of Hayleigh Faldanis; bringing Gzalmash to fight the Red on his own terms and territory and using under-handed tactics in defeating the silver. By doing so, he was able to overthrow an agreement they made long ago over the territories and gain dominion over most of the north. As an aspect, the more land he held Draconic Law over the more power he was able to draw from it, increasing his prowess greatly and causing Gzalmash to lose much of his. Though he held dominion over the entire north (excluding the winter lands, which he did not care for) he focused much of his efforts of terrorizing and degrading Hamley for them to serve his entire whim.

The Red had become so powerful that no one faction could stand against him, so Greenvale began to band together all they could as they believed the threat had to be dealt with quickly. After many months of planning, eventually the areas surrounding Hamley were frozen in a plan to defeat the Red, and after a great battle that involved the Sages and Druids of Greenvale, The School of Wizardry, a small band of Vandals, the Empyrean Soldiers, many adventurers, and Zantar the Carved, Fhelkhorn now lies encased under Crater Lake; dead and appearing to be in an eternal struggle with his 'cell-mate' Zantar. He can be seen from the Crater Lake Overlook.

Rumored Offspring:

Zantar the Bronze

A bronze dragon who first appeared in the Scalechild plot as the antagonist of Bantalacar.

Zantar and the Scalechild later gave aid to adventurers seeking the destruction of Uthundor.

Eventually killed along with Fhelkhorn and Gzalmash. Somehow. (edit me!)

Gzalmash the Silver

Needs info!

Valix'Krissinvix the Pink

The last remaining Aspect Dragon on Thain, Valix'Krissinvix is also commonly known as the "Pink Wyrm". Not much has been discovered about him, but it is known by few that he rules over the The Shattered Coast.

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