Bargus Telmoran

Bargus Telmoran is Regent and acting ruler of Steinkreis. He assumed the position after lord-kampfer disappeared.

Though extremely aloof and suspicious, Lord Telmoran has admitted several times that he is dedicated to upholding Kämpfer's memory and acting as his predecessor would see fit.

Following Kämpfer's disappearance, the city established a Department of Magical Licensing, intended to regulate the practise of arcane arts within the city. This move was ostensibly to ensure the safety of Steinkreis, but it was not popular. The renowned School of Magic left the city in protest, relocating in greenvale.

The Department head, Lady Granol, was rumoured to be a Thayan. Her less-than-stringent interviews for license-granting raised considerable suspicion, and there were numerous forged permits in circulation. When the obelisks that had been installed around the city were found to be less than effective in blocking arcane energies, Bargus concluded that Granol and her apprentices were deliberately undermining the city's safety. Several acolytes were arrested, and Granol fled for her life. She is rumoured to be still alive, off-island.

The obelisks were destroyed by a rioting populace. Some remnants may still be seen about the city.

Lord Telmoran established the Kämpfer Memorial Public Gardens and Petting Zoo in the vacant tower that had once housed the wizards' school. Visitors to Steinkreis Keep have occasionally seen him consulting with animal experts; the focus is generally on chickens.

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