Haurach'Levex translates in the Common language as Fate Enchanted. The young wyrmling was born of the very rare (even to dragons) Colorless Egg which marks her to be a unique, strong and special dragon amongst her own kind. hayleigh-faldanis found the Colorless Egg along with Nishka Adorna and card-vessux-oridon, whom fought off Bugbears under Fhelkhorn's command to take it. The Gold dragon blood in hayleigh-faldanis' ancestry gave the egg color and only divine intervention allowed Hayleigh to survive by linking her lifeforce with that of Haurach's.

Haurach'Levex's name came about due to the origins of her birth and while it is more widely known she lairs in greenvale. The Gold wyrmling is commonly seen overhead passing from hamley to greenvale.

Haurach'Levex on the occasions she is in company of hayleigh-faldanis and nears civilization tends to be quiet and watchful. Wary of strangers and large groups, she will gain height or withdraw in order to be able to keep an eye on them all.

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