Lord Kämpfer

Lord Bartholomäus Kämpfer

Missing, believed dead.

Hailing from a long line of warrior heroes going back to the ancient city of Vongottstein, Lord Kämpfer was tasked with ruling steinkreis, the largest city in Thain.

Together with his council of representatives from different communities in Thain he ensured the safety of the lands. Sometimes he brought judgement on those that broke Thain's laws.

In his later years Lord Kämpfer became more cautious tactically, which was denounced as isolationist. He was accused of caring only for his city, while leaving the rest of the island to its fate. Kämpfer insisted that the Kreis Knights were needed to defend the city and could not be sent out to help other communities, especially when the odds were unfavourable.

Whatever made this once heroic warrior so paranoid and reluctant to help others remains a mystery for now.

Since his disappearance, Steinkreis is under the jurisdiction of bargus-telmoran, Regent.

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