An ancient green dragon that preferred to collect lore, knowledge and artifacts to the exclusion of all else. Near the end of his life he began attempting to create fear in the population of Thain, in hopes to be remembered. He gave his life to hatch kyorlurn-ux-isk from a colorless egg at the request of Valix. His rejection of the normal Chromatic tendencies are best shown by his final sacrifice, at it is hoped by some that he entered a hereafter worthy of it, despite his Chromatic birth.

His passing was witnessed by Card, Valix, and hayleigh-faldanis. In passing, he bequeathed his hoard to be used, regretting his decision to have stayed in seclusion his entire life. His memory is held dear by those that witnessed his passing, as he wished. His tomb is in his lair, on the summit of hammersong Mountain.

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