Agnarr son of Gorm

Played by Yeetamart


Race: Human (Northlander)
Height: 2 metres (6,5 feet)
Build: Large
Hair & beard: Brown
Age: 32
Dialect: Illuskan
Profession: Warrior/Shaman
Tattoos: Blue tattoos cover his whole body, some of them resembling bears
Deity: Uthgar / Blue Bear totem


Medium Armor (usually Breastplate)
A Greataxe
A Shortbow

The mad rage of a barbarian
He calls upon the powers of his ancestors and the Bear Totem, gaining magic like a druid
He may summon a spirit to help him, looking exactly like a normal Brown Bear to the normal eye
He can turn himself into a Brown Bear, only keeping his human eyes

Before Thain
Born as a savage Blue Bear Uthgardt barbarian, Agnarr was raised to raid and pillage. Though most of the time, he worked as a smith, because compared to his tribesmen, he was a weak man. After some years, his whole family was killed during a raid from another Uthgardt tribe. Having no other reason to stay, because he hated the evil ways of his tribe, he decided to leave his tribe and travel south to show the southerners that not every Blue Bear is brutal and untrustable. After spending the rest of his gold to board a random ship from Waterdeep, he ended up on Thain.

The Strength of a Bear

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