Ailaszune Furnacio
Played by BarkerCounty182 (Izral)

To most on the island, people refer to him as "Zune." Ailaszune is a modest looking man of an average height and weight of your typical Human male. His ebon hair, most notably worn in dreads, is usually well-kept and clean and seperated to show just enough of his face. Zune appears to be in his late twenties though slight signs of wrinkles are present on his forehead and nose, most likely from a great deal of time reading books with his dark blue eyes.

Ailaszune is always wearing white and blue colors. Even his armor is dyed to depict these colors. Sometimes he is spotted wearing a blue, wide-brimmed hat with a plume poking up from the side. Around his neck glimmers the holy symbol of his deity of worship, Deneir. A gold-and-porcelain pendant depicting a burning candle above an eye.


Zune was born in the town of Carradoon to a single mother whom due to the lack of means of caring for a child, sent him to the Edificant Library to learn as a scholar. Ailaszune was a bright student in the Library and quickly learned the ways of Deneir and the knowledge of the Books. He was deemed worthy by the Elders to be named a Priest at eighteen years of age. It was then the Priest of Oghma at the Library had taught him the basic means of martial combat so that one day Zune could live outside of the Library. Though, this was unknown to him.

At the age of twenty-one, Ailaszune had learned of the Tome of Universal Harmonies. Knowingly, many fellow Priests of Deneir have died upon hearing the Song. However, knowing that he was one of the top pupil's, he thought his time had come to try his hand at life and death and read the Tome. Beforehand, Zune at notified one of his Brother's of his intentions who then expressed his concerns to the Headmaster. It was then, Zune's life would change forever.

It had come to pass that there was an unknown island off of Sword Coast that the Library had almost no records of. So it was to pass that on the day Ailaszune had plan to read the Tome of Universal Harmonies that he was sent away to the island; the Island of Thain.

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