Alexandria "Lexie" Faye


Played by Lady Chloe


Name: Alexandria “Lexie” Faye
Race: Half-elf
Age: Mid-to-late teens
Height: 5’ even
Skin: Sun-kissed with freckles in the summer months
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: A mixture of blue and bright green

The half-elven girl before you has a youthful, freckled face, blue-green eyes and pointed ears that indicate half-elven heritage. Her oversized eyes are wide open in wonder as she takes in everything around her. Like a child on their first excursion outside of the city, she appears to be curious and excited by even the simplest of things.

She is young, especially so for a half-elf, perhaps not even in her late teens yet, but would not give out her age, even if pressed. She is exceptionally petite and slender, but, as young as she appears to be, she has time yet to grow.

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