Alus Saturninus

Name: Saturninus, Alus Geminus
Age: 40
Race: Human; Roman
Height: 185cm
Weight: 85kg
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Light brown, thin
Skin: White, deeply tanned
Patron dieties: saturn, Vulcan
Languages: Common
Skills: Swordsmanship, Tactics, Divination, Magic (divine)
Class distribution: Fighter 4, Paladin 14, Rouge 2
Allegiance: The imperial-order-of-telborea
Affiliation: Telborea

A veteran soldier, native of Tusculum. In the service of Telborea for the last 15 years.

Alus was was born of Quintus Saturninus and Gaia. His father was a forgemaster who produced blades for the soldiers of the Roman Republic in his workshops, scattered in the hill country around the settlement of Tusculum. Quintus ran for Tribune of the Plebs twice during his career, but failed to gather the support of the people and decided to remain outside public life to perfect his craft.

Alus fought as a Principe in the legions of the Roman Republic when they campaigned against their neighbours. He enjoyed military service but was dissatisfied with the Roman principles of active citizenship. He found work as a mercenary when the campaign seasons ended and lived in camps among veterans for much of his youth. He enjoyed little respect and few opportunities among his contemporaries, and when a vessel blessed by the priests of Mercury sought adventurers he was quick to sign on. The ship found its way to the far away realm of Telborea, a journey deemed impossible without divine intervention. It was there Alus found his true calling as a professional soldier in service of the Emperor. He thought nothing of the meaningless freedoms of the Roman Republic as he swore loyalty to Emperor Taurus Victor.

Already a veteran, Alus found himself right at home with the heavy infarntry of the Imperial Legions. For years he travelled the lengths of the burgeoning Telborean Empire to fight its neighbours. He did battle with near-naked barbarians wielding sticks and stones as well as heavily armored hoplites of the southern city states. The power of the Telboreans had slowly built up over the years as they annexed minor cities and trade routes, securing resources and an ever growing population and prosperity. Soon after Alus' arrival they had reached a critical point, and their zealous and well-trained armies marched upon city after city, subjugating any petty tyrant who stood to compete with their empire. Those who surrendered were absorbed as free people, while those who resisted were butchered or made slaves. Alus soon rose through the ranks, being a skilled swordsman with an eye for battle strategy.

The acts that brought him to Imperial attention were not performed on the battlefield. Alus, like his forefathers, was especially dedicated to the god saturn. He brought the practices of his religion to Telborea and cult was soon held for Saturn both in Legion camps and cities. The virtues of Saturn merged well with the values of the Telborean people and his image was brought into the Pantheon of Telborea, taking a place in the official cult. At this inauguration Alus was invited into the imperial-order-of-telborea, to become one of the Emperor's champions. His duties would now require him to fight enemies on the battlefield, as well as to stem the corruption of men.

Age had started to claim Alus' strength, he was no longer a young man by the time he became an officer of the Order. Though his arms could not drive his blade through bones as they once had, he developed a closer relation to the gods. While travelling through the Empire Alus was often consulted as a judge, finding truth through divination. His talent for religion eventually led him to the rite of Purification. This rite was practiced by high ranking members of the Order as an alternative to execution. Instead of death beneath the axe, many criminals would chose to be judged by the gods themselves. For those who felt true regret and wanted to improve their lives, Purification brought clarity and aided them in becoming good citizens. To those who lied to recieve the lighter punishment, the torment was immense. Those who were burnt clean and purified by pain were known to regret not chosing death, yet many were pushed away from a life of sin by the intervention of the gods.

The time arrived where all civilized lands followed the will of the Emperor. Rather than pushinng towards the peaks of the arctic mountains or deep into acient wildlands the Emperor decreed that the Imperial Legions would hold the line and bring Imperial law and order to all the conquered provinces while agents would be sent out on ships to reach distant continents. On the ship headed east, the responsibility to hold communion with heaven fell to Alus. He was eager to accept, feeling restless once peace had started to settle in the Telborean Empire. He brought his tools and weapons and set sail with the rest of the Telborean contingent towards unknown territory.

Once on Thain Alus has developed his ability as a blacksmith, drawing on experience from his childhood as well as the lore of Vulcan, god of the forge fire. This gave him welcome pause from the work to purify the island.

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