Andras D'arkkon
  • Race - Half Elf
  • Height - 6' 0"
  • Weight - 175 lbs.
  • Hair - Copper-Red
  • Eyes - Green
  • Apparent Age - 45 human years.
  • Affiliation - The Keepers of Thain


At six foot tall Andras is taller than most half elves, from his looks he has taken more after his human mother than his elven father. His features are proportioned as one would expect a human to be, but his face shows a bit of the fey in him as does his slightly pointed ears. He does not strike one as imposing however because of the kindness that can be clearly seen behind his bright green eyes, in his smile and in his general demeanor. His copper-red hair falls to his shoulders, and is sometimes tied back in a simple ponytail.

An archer by trade Andras is never without his weapon the "Bow of the Twinned Souls" or Solae'Myr in the ancient elven tounge. The powerful elven longbow is almost always in his hand ready at a moments notice. He also carries a blessed "Planewrath Scimitar" on his hip and uses a small shield in mêlée combat. Preferring freedom of movement over more sturdy protection, he wears a finely crafted suit of elven leather armor.


After the betrayal of the The Keepers of Thain by the leadership of Steinkreis, and the incarceration and abuse of Celeste Melie at their hands, Andras retired from Thain and returned to his estates and vineyard near of the city of Neverwinter. He spends his days managing the estates and enjoying the company of his daughter Leana and her family including her two children Andras Jr. and Jur'ni.


Andras spent his early life in a small elven village on the outskirts of the Neverwinter Wood. When he was ten years of age he lost his father and mother in a humanoid raid on the village. His father, one of the villages' defenders, fell to the beasts. His mother's body was never found and it was speculated that she was taken as a slave.

Raised by a friend of his father, Andras found that his mixed heritage was not fully accepted in elven society and when he came of age he went out in search of his mother even though there was little hope of her being alive.

For Five years he searched the Sword coast from Silverymoon and port Llast in the north eventually ending up in Waterdeep. Tired and frustrated that his search bore no clue to his mothers' whereabouts he decided to return home by ship to Neverwinter. A massive storm struck the ship on his voyage home, for days they battled the elements but in the end they were sent far off course. Eventually a shoreline was sighted and the ship docked into Websters Landing.

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