Andriah Kelsteel


Andriah performing the ritual of Passing after a battle


Full introduction: Andriah Kelsteel, Duke of Hampstad, Fist of Kelemvor
Race: Human
Age: 32 years old
Height: 192cm
Weight: 102kg
Eyes: Grey
Hair: None
Build: Athletic
Profession: Paladin of Kelemvor
Alignement: Lawful Good
Homeland: Battledale
Languages: Common, some understanding of Elvish

Appearance: Andriah is a tall and well-built man, usually clad in an heavy armour. The symbol of Kelemvor, a skeletal arm holding a pair of golden scales, is emblazoned on the front of his armour. On his back is strapped a greatsword of good make. From his inflexions in language, one could tell he was born in the Cormyrean high society. He acts and moves as someone overly confident in his abilities. His face bears however a benevolent expression.

Background: Andriah's ancestors were prominent members of Cormyr's nobility. One of them was also a dedicated necromancer, which brought the ire of Kelemvor on him and his family. In order to atone for the sin of their ancestors, the elder sons of the family are expected to join the service of Kelemvor at each generation. While keeping their title of Duke of Hampstad, they moved from Cormyr to Battledale, where the family now has its manor.

Mindset: Andriah embraced with fervor the service of Kelemvor as a paladin, choosing to wander over Faerun at his service. While he sees the destruction of the undeads as his duty and an act of mercy, he is particularly eager to confront those who are responsible for the animation of the dead.

At times, he still longs for the easy life of the family's manor. As well at ease on the battlefield as in the company of poets, he tries hard to embody the ideal of a knight.

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