Anestar Jane Jinxxy

Anestar Jane Jinxxy is played by Lady Chloe

Name: Anestar Jane or Anestar Jinxxy, she never really knew the answer.
Aliases: Commonly referred to as AJ.
Race: Half-elf.
Age: 21.
Height: 5'1"
Hair: Dark, neutral brown that curls loosely when let down. Almost always tied up in a bun so most don't know the actual length of her hair.
Eyes: Bright blue.
Build: More limber than muscular.
Languages Known: Common and Elven.
Profession: Non-Traditional Healer.

Weapons Used: Two short swords (She carries three on her belt.), a well-cared for longbow, and a Rod of Frost that was bestowed upon her by her adoptive mother, celia-lane.

Miscellaneous: AJ has always been a quiet person, raising her voice on very, very few occasions and almost never publically. Intelligent, confident and happy, most of the time, Anestar makes friendships easily and strives to make them last.
Since her return from the Mainland where she had studied non-traditional healing in Landor City under the teachings of Ilmatari Clerics, AJ has worn a golden chain around her neck that is mostly kept concealed beneath her clothing. On the end of the chain, for the few who have had the opportunity to see it, are two golden rings. One is tiny, child (or hin) sized. The other is still small, made for slender fingers. She never removes this chain and occasionally can be seen fiddling with the rings when in a secluded location. It's easy to see they hold sentimental value to her.

AJ's Known History:

Things she and some others on Thain know:

Pre-Thain: AJ was born on the mainland somewhere to two half-elven parents who died before AJ could remember. Since then she was taken into the care of her older brother whose name she was never told and raised on a pirate ship called the Eronda where each member of the crew went by his status rather than his name due to the nature of their work. AJ's brother was the navigator and taught her how to use the stars in navigation (Which is why AJ rarely uses a compass).
The first time AJ left the vessel and walked on solid land was when she was eight and a half. On this excursion, AJ lost her brother and captain in the crowd and couldn't find her way back to the ship. Alone and frightened, she was picked up by a man called Davie who captained his own merchant ship. Out of the goodness of his heart, he tried to help her find their vessel to no avail. AJ explained to him what she remembered of where they had been intending to sail next and he assumed their ship must have been headed to the island of Thain. He set her up on a boat and paid for her voyage to the island.

History Upon the Island of Thain: When AJ arrived on the island she waited at the docks for her brother for two days before a guard took her to the Trade and Tackle saying that the docks were no place for a little girl.
It was there that AJ began her life on Thain, hoping that her brother would return for her. In the first few days of her stay in the Trade, she made many friends such as peter-highhill, Varnel Thigbin, Edgar Arnand.
About a week after she arrived, she accidentally bumped into a cranky, darkly-clothed elf who yelled at her and called her a grubling. Being stubborn and upset by the name calling, she promptly broke his foot and ran away. Soon feeling guilty for her actions, she returned to him and tried to help him but knew little about how to fix injuries. This was the first time she met celia-lane who came to her aid in helping mend the cranky elf's foot (After bandaging the wrong one, of course). Celia and AJ became fast friends and it was Celia that AJ screamed for when a woman from the Temple tried to drag her away to the orphanage.
Not long after this experience, and a few attacks on the Trade, did AJ get moved to hamley for her own safety by Edgar Arnand, celia-lane and a few others who had already taken an interest in the little girl.
At nearly nine years old, AJ was taken under the tutorship of Varnel Thigbin and set off on the path to becoming a non-traditional healer.
AJ stayed in Hamley for nearly two years before finally giving up hope that her brother would come and find her and was immediately adopted by Celia Lane through Kämpfer and was moved to steinkreis after a large Iron Clan attack on Hamley in which AJ barely made it out unscathed. Anders, Celia's boyfriend at the time, took to AJ as well and AJ considers him her father to this day.
AJ spent the next four years studying hard to become the healer she wanted to be, rarely seen in public unless accompanied by Celia, Edgar, Anders or Varnel. On her fourteenth birthday, AJ was given permission to leave the city limits and walk along the road to the Trade and back and elsewhere only if accompanied by an adult whom Celia trusted. AJ also received a surprise when her teacher told her she was no long his apprentice, but a novice healer who would continue learning in the real world.
AJ has since devoted most of her attention on continuing her healer's learning and still considers herself to be a novice.
Not long after her 14th birthday, AJ met a young man druid Gatekeeper named phillian-d-adumar. She immediately befriended and eventually fell in love with the man. While they had intended to marry, their relationship ended abruptly after several years.
Currently, AJ has taken on a new identity, living in disguise. As far as anyone knows, AJ has gone missing or left the isle without warning. She has done this once before a year prior when she left abruptly to a school on the Mainland that offered her the opportunity to expand her knowledge of healing.

Dreams: Dreams of someday being the best healer on the island.

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The New Identity: Adrianna

Name: Adrianna is the only name given. ((The name was given to her by rishkin-templar-iii))
Aliases: Adrian is the name she prefers to be called. One can only assume it is because the name Adrianna is so girly.
Race: Half-elf.
Age: It is difficult to tell what her actual age is beneath all the makeup, but one can assume she is in her early 20s.
Hair: Adrian's hair is dyed a crimson color. Her hair holds a constantly tousled appearance when down. Most of the time, she has the upper portion of her hair tied back revealing her pointed ears indicative of elven heritage.
Eyes: Baby blue and lined with dark shadow that is pointed and designed in an elven manner that accentuates that part of her features.
Build: More limber than muscular.
Profession: Huntress.

Weapons Used: She has deadly aim with her elven made, black bow and is very proficient when dual-wielding her short swords which she keeps handy.

Miscellaneous: Her pointed ears have been pierced in an elven style. Her makeup is dark and done in an elven fashion that shows up the elven part of her features. One can assume that she prefers the elven side of her heritage to the human part. Her lips are stained red and her eyes are lined with dark, black shadows.
Adrianna is outgoing, charming, playful and amusing at the best of times, though her tongue can be as sharp as her blades when she wants it to be. She takes rudeness from no one and has been known to take action against those who dare cross her.
Hidden beneath her clothing remain the chain and the rings that she carried in her true identity, but these are never seen in public.

Adrian's Known History:

Pre-Thain: Adrian doesn't say much about her past, though much can be assumed by the way she dresses and acts. She seems to lean towards her elven heritage, preferring the elven style and even the language when the opportunity presents itself.

Present: She is often seen lazing about the Raven's Watch. She's adept stealth, when she uses it; healing, when it's necessary; and using her blades with deadly, albeit sometimes dirty, skill in a fight. Most of the time, Adrian is friendly and flirty, but there are times she turns cold and quiet. During the cold times, she's often seen staring off at the horizon, lost in her own thoughts. She's often quite temperamental, known to grow angry and react violently at random times.

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