Name: Aquila, Mandar Lucian Aghanim
Age: 26
Race: Human; Mulan
Height: 190cm
Weight: 90kg
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Black
Skin: Dusky
Patron diety: None
Languages: Thayan(Mulhorandi), Celestial, Infernal
Skills: Swordsmanship, Leadership, Meditation, Perception, Magic(Equestrian)
Class distribution: Paladin 18, Rogue 2
Allegiance: Order of the All-Seeing Eye
Rank: Equestrian(Knight)
Affiliation: Thay

Personality: Aquila is a good listener. Less willing to argue his points and defend the reputation of Thay than before, he keeps a lower profile. He can still be straightforward, even rude at times. Although he can speak philosophically and is highly educated, his moral standards are simple and uncompromising. He is honest, generous and selfless. The expression of these traits, due to his background, are sometimes viewed as disingenuous.

Description: A muscular Mulan. He wears a thin leather headband to keep the unusually long hair out of his face. He keeps in good shape, however, he has slowed down considerably since his last visit to Thain. His fighting style is rather rigid, and dependant on a skillful synergy of sword and shield. He seems to have aged, which is to his benefit appearance wise; the years has chiseled out his noble features and though he was rather unnoticeable in his late teens, he has grown into a handsome man well into his twenties. Wisdom and experience has made him less zealous, and his ambitions have become more enigmatic as he no longer wears the attire of a Thayan soldier. This has been replaced by armor featuring the symbol of True Seeing, and purple details.

History: The son of two Thayan Citizens, Mandar grew up in Eltabbar and his youth revolved around the Lucian-Aghanim armory. Though he does not consider himself priviledged, his material standard was high compared to the average in the Realms. Being seen as a promising student, Mandar not only studied the classical arts and languages as would be expected, but gained the tutorship of several prominent Thayans, most notably General Amatar Terexus. Wizardry lay several generations back in the family, and when the armory gained possession of a former Mulhorandi Sun Guard, Demotep, Mandar was firmly set on the soldier's path. When his physical and strategical training was complete, he set out to find his place somewhere within Thay's vast domains.
He was accepted into the Cohort of Thain as an infantryman soon after his arrival. He rose through the ranks and gained military command of the Trading Post in Raven's Watch relatively early. He watched the position of Khazark of Thain wander from the infernally intelligent Sar'rel to the ambitious Sarleta. He was ordered to report to Surthay and left Thain without delay. Now he has returned, as an Equestrian of the All-Seeing Eye.

Aquilas first overt act as an Equestrian was to investigate the destruction of the Trading Post of Raven's Watch. For a grand sum of gold he hired the slave Ashina's divination abilities, which led him to Tanna Nightsong. After confirming that she had used explosives to destroy the Trading Post, he had her executed by crucifixion in the Thayan Enclave.

Aquila was stranded on a small island off the coast of Thain, and missed the destruction of the Enclave. He was commanded to report to the Order, and left for his homeland.

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