Aradia Arniman

Played by Falkala

Aradia Arniman
Smoke Genasi


  • Weight: 153lbs
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Eyes: White and gray, smokey.
  • Skin: Mottled gray. Lighter and darker patches shift a bit.
  • Hair: Black and gray, appears to be made of smoke with dark crystals protruding from her head.
  • Other Features: Well kept and trimmed nails, which look stained black from soot. Gravely voice that hisses like steam or smoke escaping a boiler. Smells of musky incense.

Aradia was born and raised in the slums of Sigil, in particular the hive. She grew up with most of the other hive kids in the filth and scum without much problem. She doesn't know, nor does she care who or what her parents were. In Sigil she wasn't treated any differently than any other berk. At the young and tender age of 16 she went through her 'I want to join the circus!' phase. And then she actually did it. She excelled as a sideshow act, using her quick hands and 'smoke and mirrors' sorts of tricks until she earned her balance as a tight-roap walker and trapeze dancer. During the off times of the circus she would learn how to read tarot and other fortune cards from the mystic there. Slowly with time she began to draw magic out of the cards, learning to conjure and bend them to her means. This attracted more customers, who enjoyed the distraction of her card-tricks. However the circus was always struggling with finances. In a city as fantastical as Sigil, you have to be very wild to gain a following… and another circus comprised completely of undead called 'Spare Parts' dominated the entertainment scene until Aradia's circus was 'forced' out of business.

Having enough street smarts to know how cutthroat Sigil buisness was, Aradia made a quick leap to the ever so popular 'Prime Material Plane' via a charming portal-spouting salesman and began to blend in with the populace, though away from the pollution and smoke of Sigil, she has a hard time disguising her elemental nature.

Tarot Reader
Aradia is an avid fortune teller, and keeps a very well worn (and smoke stained) deck of Tarot cards on her at all time. She is nearly always eager to trade for fortunes, and tends to make her living off of them.

However the fortunes can take a great deal of time, if they are in depth.

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