Played by Cleric of Mystra

Basic Information

  • Alias: Robert James Patrick, Gregory Wells.
  • Race: Human.
  • Age: 42.
  • Height: 182cm.
  • Weight: 88kg.
  • Complexion: Looks like he has been out in the wilds quite a bit.
  • Appearance: Rugged, good enough looks when he cares enough, doesn't happen often.
  • Build: Thin, flexible, not as durable as the old days.
  • Eyes: Deep green.
  • Hair: Black, increasing grey.
  • Languages: Common; fluent Orcish; very, very limited Druidic: he would understand it is being spoken but would recognize only some words. Recently he has learned how to understand and speak limited dwarven, elven and most other commonplace languages; whether that is the product of study or some kind of magic remains to be found out.
  • Nationality: Chultan
  • Profession: Bastard Dealer.
  • Affiliations: None or many.
  • Patron deity: Increasing respect to Beshaba.
  • Fields of knowledge: Shapeshifting, subterfuge, herbalism, poison and disease (unwilling to make use of it), battle tactics and strategy, leadership, rhetoric.
  • Tattoos/scars: The remains of one on his chest, burned with acid. As for scars, the regular adventurer ones, nothing in particular.
  • Regular gear: Thin leathers and The Unforgiving, a serrated blade infused with ice magic. When adventuring he wears a headband to keep hair in place. He also wears a pair of boots that leave behind cat-like footprints.
  • IC threads of interest: Agglomeration of Blight, background, arrival on Thain, events of major importance related to him; Work in Progress, his alchemy work, mostly poison making; Interior Design, an attempt by Cleric of Mystra at a slightly humourous, tongue-in-cheek thread about an evil bloke and where he lives; Synchronicity, the end of an era; No One Likes You, doubts and growth.
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