Half-orc, female

Hair: blue
Eyes: two

Identifying marks and features: tattoo of a kitchen knife, left bicep. "Piecemaker" in block lettering, left bicep. Scars on right forearm resembling lettering ((see char desc.)). Large scar from a halberd slash across her upper chest; various others from battle. Always wears a cloth head wrap. Lower right canine is capped with gold and mithril, courtesy drusilla-tamrakin.

Personal: Orphan, human-raised. Currently serving as a foot soldier in the Circle Defense Forces. Skilled with a variety of weapons but prefers her golem sword, a gift from the Lord Marshall jeri-theed-orman.

Likes: her CDF comrades, adventuring, learning about orc culture, fights, books, horses, and strong drink.

Dislikes: nearly everything else.

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