Brutus Belletor

Played by RocketNumber09


Brutus Belletor, son of Hargud, is a dwarven warrior and former mercenary, once in the service of the Axes of Mirabar. Famed for his stubborn and somewhat standoffish demeanor, love of drink, and tenacious attitude both on and off the battlefield, Brutus has long been a presence on the island of Thain. Though he considers Hammersong to be his home, he currently resides at the Crossroads, where he rents out a room at the Trade and Tackel.

General Info:

  • Age: Approximately 150 years old (age indeterminate due to life being drained and restored)
  • Race: Shield Dwarf / Hill Dwarf
  • Clan: Belletor
  • Homeland: Mirabar
  • Height: 4'2"
  • Weight: 200lbs
  • Hair: Russet brown (bald except for thick sideburns, eyebrows, and goatee)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Known Languages: Fluent in Common and Dwarven, working knowledge of Elven, Goblin, and Undercommon
  • Deity: Moradin
  • Distinguishing Marks: Numerous scars, tattoos, several silver teeth; emblem of Mirabar Axes tattooed on right bicep
  • Gear: Full-Plate of the Dwarves, Helm of the Deep, Drinker (great-axe), Sandstorm (great-axe)


A sturdy dwarven warrior, Brutus stands a head taller than a typical Hill dwarf due to his Shield dwarf heritage. He is thick as a tree trunk and well-muscled, with a bald and dented head and a bushy russet goatee and sideburns. His bronzed skin is lined with many scars, the most grisly of which mar his arms, chest, and back. A veteran of many tavern brawls, his great nose is crooked and bent at an odd angle, and a few teeth are missing and replaced with silver ones. Several tattoos emblazon his body, the most prominent depicting a dwarven waraxe and smith’s hammer crossed over a shield on his right bicep (more traveled folks will recognize this symbol as the insignia of the Mirabar Axes).

Brutus is rarely seen without his heavy dwarven full-plate, which he only removes when working the forges or sleeping (and sometimes not even then). Rarer still is he seen without one of his massive great-axes, called Drinker and Sandstorm. Drinker is an odd weapon of indeterminate origin which Brutus forcibly retrieved from a bugbear chieftain. It is a large axe with a wicked serrated edge and a strange crimson glow to the blade. It’s rather obvious that it is not a weapon crafted by goblinoid hands, but lore-masters have been unsuccessful in determining its maker. When using Drinker, Brutus’ strength and vitality are often restored as the weapon fells enemies, leading Brutus to dub the life-sucking weapon Drinker. Sandstorm is another oddity. It is a weapon left behind by a marauding band of duergar. The dwarven runes running the length of the shaft tell of a tribe of nomadic dwarves, a shaman, and a strange weapon that blinds enemies with blasts of sand.


Brutus walks with a pronounced limp due to an old wound that never healed quite right. He is self-conscious about the impediment and often dodges the subject when queried about it. When the leg stiffens up on him, Brutus often turns to drink, keeping a silver flask emblazoned with the seal of Hammersong (given to him by Kordor, the forge-master) handy at all times. His drink of choice is Surla’s Dragon’s Breath.

In essence, Brutus is a boulder – a tightly compacted slab of steel, muscle, and reckless carnage. He is unmoving, unwavering in all things, physically and mentally. He is stubborn, callous, and often judgmental. Untrusting of magic-users, particularly druids (and especially elven druids), Brutus is often hard to warm up to. At his core, though, Brutus is a fierce and loyal friend, always there for those few that he truly cares for.

Before Thain:

From soldier, to mercenary, to hero, Brutus Belletor has seen many things and grown much since he first left Mirabar at the age of 54. He was born to Hargud Belletor, a Shield dwarf smith of Mirabar, and Bhurma Stonetop, a Hill dwarf of the nearby Icewind Dale. Brutus grew up among the forges and the anvils of his father’s armor and weapon crafting business, which flourished in the mining city of Mirabar, where materials were plentiful and demand was high. In his younger years, Brutus often butted heads with his stubborn father, who insisted that Brutus put more effort into the fine dwarven art of crafting. Brutus, however, was more interested in using weapons than in crafting them. At 30, Brutus enlisted in the Mirabar militia, and at 41, he was accepted into the Axes, an elite group of dwarven and human warriors dedicated to protecting the city of Mirabar and the mines below her from all manner of threats.

Brutus soon grew close to a veteran member of the Axes, Toran Thick-Skull, who took on a mentor role for the young warrior. The two often took patrols together, venturing deep into the mines to battle the likes of goblins, orcs, and giants. After serving with Toran in the Axes for over a decade and seeing his fair share of combat, Brutus had his first encounter with the duergar. Duergar infantry, clerics and crossbowmen ambushed Brutus, Toran, and the rest of their squad (a force of about 14 dwarves and 22 human militia) on a bridge deep in the Underdark. The battle was an utter massacre, dwarves and men falling by the dozens into the inky blackness below. Brutus fought valiantly beside Toran, the pair of them surviving long past their comrades. But Toran was struck with a duergar cleric’s spell, and plummeted off the bridge. Brutus went into a rage, wading into the duergar and slaughtering them, ignoring the many wounds he sustained. Eventually though, he was struck with a crossbow bolt, and toppled from the bridge into the shadows. He fell for what seemed like hours, and landed in the middle of an icy, underground lake.

He found Toran, the old warrior in his last throughs of life, his body broken upon the rocks. Toran told Brutus with his last few breaths of the wonderful city of Hammersong. He placed his helm in Brutus' hands and told the young dwarf to return it to the halls of Hammersong, where Toran was born and raised. And then Toran died. Brutus wandered for days in the Underdark, grief-stricken and vengeful. For several weeks, he hunted duergar, ambushing small patrols and exacting his rage upon them. Eventually, he found himself on the surface, three weeks after his initial fall from the bridge.

After recovering from his wounds and severe malnutrition, Brutus took to wandering the Sword Coast, searching for information on the city of Hammersong. He was unsuccessful for many years, and became an axe-for-hire to keep his purse full. The former Axe was soon running with brigands and mercenaries, doing what he needed to do to make a few coins. He robbed, murdered, plundered, and lost himself along the way. He was a different dwarf now, and his departed friend Toran was last on his mind. Brutus turned from his past as a soldier and a noble dwarf and fell in with the “wrong crowd.”

But things changed in the city of Waterdeep. In a dingy tavern in the bad end of town, Brutus met a bard named Diego, who told him of the island of Thain, off the coast. He told him of Steinkreis, of Hamley, and of Bence and Donale. But mostly, he told him of Hammersong. Diego had spent a few years on the island, and informed Brutus that it was a few days by boat. The old mission, the one Brutus had forsaken years prior with his mercenary ways, suddenly became a priority again. Brutus canceled his contracts, paid off his debts, and bid his goodbyes to the ruffians of Waterdeep.

Within a month, he was on a boat bound for Thain, and for Hammersong, the helm of Toran in his rucksack.

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