Byran The Blood Baron

Byran the Bloodbarren

Played by BarkerCounty182 (Izral)

Height: 6'7
Weight: 566 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Age: 36
Race: Orc
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Background: Before Thain
Now known as Byran the Blood Baron, which is not his real name. In fact, Byran's true name is unknown even to himself.
As a young Orc among the Garokki Clan, Byran was soon reveled as the mightiest warrior in the clan. Though many overestimated his abilities, even himself.

The Garokki Tribe were savage warriors, who called upon their strength to the War Gods. The Shamans of the Clan would bless each warrior before battle through ritual to the War Gods to gain the favor of their Gods. Without the favor of the Gods, the Orcish Clans knew that defeat would be certain.

Byran was always the biggest, the bravest, and the strongest of his Clan, however he was also carried a weakness; pride. His brethren spoke whispers that he would soon challenge Tush, Chieftain of the Garokki. Fueled by this inspiration, Byran believed the Clan would follow under his rule, as a young Orc he challenged Tush to a battle, which the Chieftain would have to accept. In this battle, the winner would become Chieftain, the loser would either die or be exiled from the clan. However, the winner of the duel could decide the fate of his opponent, should he hinder the other to the point which they can no longer battle he can spare them and send them to exile, thus sparing their life or take the head of his opponent.

The Chieftain and Byran dueled, but to the surprise of the clan, the Chieftain held his ground and drove his axe into Byran's head, crippling Byran. However, miraculously, Byran did not die. However, the Shaman declared Byran's defeat and the Chieftain would hold his lead. Seeing Byran resilient to what should of been a fatal blow inspired the Chieftain, therefore he chose to let Byran live. Then the Chieftain turned to his clansmen, to face them in his victory, turning his back to the fallen Byran. Byran pulled himself up slightly to look upon the victor, something snapped within him. The axe, so lodged into his brain did not kill him, but it triggered something within Byran. The Fallen Byran pulled himself to his feet and pulled the axe from his head snarling at the Chieftain. The Orcs of the Garokki stared at Byran in bewilderment, such a feet was foul magic to them, or so it seemed. Tush turned to face Byran, however, his axe now in Byran's hands was completely defenseless. Byran charged the Chieftain beheading him as the whole clan watched in horror. It was then, Byran collapsed as the adrenaline wore off.

His clan presumed him dead, and for his display of monstrosity the clan left him to rot.

However, he was found by a human woman by the name of Jezabelle. She nurtured Byran back to life under her care, it wasn't till three weeks later Byran awoke to find himself in an unfamiliar place. It was a cabin, made for humans. Jezabelle was familiar with the Orcish tongue, and though it was difficult Byran began to understand her. As years passed, Byran began to care for her. She was frail and he felt he needed to protect her.

After a decade together, Byran could speak Common, with great difficulty. The injury to his head left his mind blurred, he only understood one thing, that was to protect Jezabelle. However, an incident occurred one night. Jezabelle was in some trouble for some time, and she was hunted and was finally found after years in hiding. An assassin was sent to kill her, though this would-be assassin did not anticipate one major factor; Byran.

The assassin showed up as a "wanderer" looking for a safe-haven during their travel. However, they came appearing inconspicuous and their approach was seen. Jezabelle asked Byran to go out the back entrance and wait for his chance to be seen present as a giant orc would probably appear most unwelcoming to a stranger without advanced notice. When it appeared Jezabelle was alone, the assassin revealed his true intentions, though this assassin was no ordinary killer but one with training in the Weave. Jezabelle cried out to Byran as she realized she was in danger and Byran burst through the door grabbing the mage assassin and tearing his head from his shoulders. Jezabelle was shocked by Byran's strength but it was quickly revealed that the mage was carrying a scrying ring, as Jezabelle explained to Byran. Jezabelle told Byran how she was being hunted as she was mage herself, she was hunted for over six dozen murders, she explained to Byran of a place she knew she might be safe and that was the island of Thain in the West. However Byran would have to get passage first as he was an Orc. Through a helm and robes, she managed to convince the crew he was merely a half blood and acted as her bodyguard.

During the sail to Thain, Jezabelle went missing one night. The crew told Byran that she jumped ship, taking her own life for reasons unkown to Byran. However, Byran knowing of her Shaman Magic, he liked to think she still lived.

Background: On Thain

On Thain, Byran started his life as a mercenary of sorts. He was eager to help, as long as the job paid. On this new land, Byran once again was able to feel the hand of battle, and a life with plenty of adventure. He was quite content with his state of living and it seemed the people appreciated his work.

Byran was asked to help set up and attend an Art's Festival in hamley held by a Keeper, Jinxx Relinkerys.

The event was boring with lots of terrible music, however a certain attendee brought a turn of head to the people there. She was Eliswathe El'Drenion, the people were quick to cast her out. It wasn't fair to her, and Byran could only think of his Clan, how he was shunned away. The giant Orc stepped in, and as Byran did for Jezabelle, he stood up for her. Though such an action did not bode favorably for him. Once again, he himself was cast out. So there it was. From then on out, he became good friends to another human, Wing, as he called himself. Which Byran thought was rather odd. He was a follower of Eliswathe, and thus Byran was brought into a higher power. There was promise for him within this new clan, they were worshippers of an island God, zentarus. It was he who was to give Byran a promise of power, so Byran showed his faith and fought along the sides of his new allies. It was their promise of battle and strength, Byran would get to have it again.

They marched to the Wastes, to meet with an army composed of creatures of Shadow and mighty Golems. Such were creatures Byran had not encountered often, and to lead an army of such power, Byran gave his faith to Zentarus and his loyalty to Eliswathe. With the army, they tore though the Empyrean Aurora Base and killed destroyed it's leader. Such was a thrill Byran has craved for many decades.

Through the the-shadow-war Byran fought as an ally to Eliswathe and her lackeys. During his service for Eliswathe, she would often conduct spells and give him various drinks which would heighten his thoughts and make him more easier to comprehend.

However, it was near the end of it all that Byran would be tricked into doing something that tore him in two. A hin by the name of Drogo Burrows, skilled in the ways of shadowdancing, took the form of a shadow and confronted Byran at night. As the disguised Shadow explained itself to be a messenger of zentarus, it said to him, "The master is displeased… Eliswathe has become an annoyance… kill her." Though at that time, Byran was uncertain if this were to be true, he let the thought sink in.

The Shadow War was fought at the Celestial Temple, the Shadow Army marched in at one front, and they with additional forces came at another secretive entrance to the battlefield. They were cut off from their approach from the "ones fighting for andarus", however they were cut down and Shadow army was able to advance to the main battle at the temple. Many fought, and many died, though it is uncertain if their was a winner. However, the Celestial temple, and Zentarus' army were all destroyed. The remaining forces retreated to the Rooms to defend it. In the attack, Byran, Eliswathe, and Vakal, another lackey of Eliswathe's, were all defeated in battle within the Rooms. It was then it all made sense to Byran, Zentarus knew this was coming, therefore, he did Drogo's planned deception, and killed Eliswathe.

Since the Shadow War, Byran settled in the ravens-watch now calling it his home. And throughout the many years he spent there, he continued Eliswathe's treatments on his own, a potion to jumpstart the mind. Slowly, but surely that damage done to his head began to mend, Byran began to learn. Free to think on his own, it was a lot for his weak mind to take on, bringing him to the brink of snapping. Byran is now a raging volcano about to erupt.

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