Played by Jewwe / Jesper Pedersen

"Phillian, why is the grass around Hamley aggressive?"


Physical description:

  • Age: 167 years.
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: Roughly 70Kg.
  • Build: Dexterous.
  • Hair: Long, flowing platin-white hair.
  • Eyes: Jade-green.
  • Appearance: Average elven.

Known skills:

  • Recon, scouting, stealthy operations, tactics, the the-underdark, archery, two-weapon fighting.
  • Fluent in: Common, elven, drow, drow sign-language, thieves cant.

Known affiliations:

  • None.

General information

  • Classes: Rogue 10 / Ranger 10 / Fighter 1
  • Professions: Jack-of-all-trades, scoundrel, scout, tracker.
  • Deity: Solonor Thelandria

General description:

Elven even by elven standards, Cael'am is not hard to miss. He is always clad in dark and favors the night. He has no home to speak of, but calls the island his home - He rests where he wants. Accepted or liked by most, he has little trouble finding places to stay or roam.
Often lends his strength to the powers of good on the isle. Has participated in several of the major events that shapes Thain.
Probably the most knowledgeable surface elf on Thain, in regards to the drow and the local the-underdark areas.

Favors the Crossroads to meet people. Is currently hostile to all the the NPC factions on the island, due to some unfortunate incidents.
Knows much of the population by name.


Cael'am was brought up in the forests of Mir, which is located far to the south of the Swordcoast, in the nation of Calimshan. A medium-sized, mostly wood-elven community stood there to keep the drow from filtering too far from their holes.
An all-out attack by drow and mountain giants all but razed the settlement, leaving him as the lone survivor.

Afterwards, he spent many years traversing the coast before leaving for Thain and a new life.

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