Card Vessux Oridon

"Half a Red is still a Red." - draxus-ultimax, shortly after slaying Card yet again.

  • Race - Half Steel Dragon
  • Height - 6' 1"
  • Weight - 177 lbs.
  • Hair - Black
  • Eyes - Green, with Vertical Reptilian Pupils
  • Apparent Age - 32 years.

Born of human and dragon, Card has always thought of himself as greater than human. He has turned away from his upbringing, forsaking Tiamat, losing even a part of himself in the process. His unwavering sense of honor has gained him respect in some circles, while making him unpopular with others.

Fought in the the-shadow-war alongside the Hamley Irregulars, though he never officially joined due to being Kin.

Led the fight against the Dracolich gnarengesh, when it escaped Umbras' prison with the passing of andarus.

Judicator of Lendys. In love with eshtarra.

At her death, he was charged by the scalechild to continue her role in maintaining the Balance.

Currently raising kyorlurn-ux-isk.

As a reward for his faith, Lendys has blessed him with wings, making him Vyth

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