Celeste Melie

Played by DerkDerkistan

  • Race: Elf
  • Age: 126
  • Height: 4'11"
  • Weight: 90 lbs.
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Green
  • Build: Slender
  • Appearance: Always well kept, as if her looks were more important to her than they should be.
  • Languages Known: Common, Elven
  • Profession: Priestess in service of Sune, Keeper of Thain, Skilled Healer
  • Class: Cleric 21
  • Preferred Equipment:

Weapon: Ruby Longsword; gold hilt and the blade is made of ruby. Gifted to her by a fellow priestess of Sune for rescuing her soul from an undead torment, Celeste refuses to use any other weapon.
Shield: Sune's Graft; A large, yet very light tower shield, origins unknown. A ruby set itself into her old shield, transforming it. Whenever Celeste performs an act in the name of good and beauty, the ruby pulsates and grows a tiny bit.
Armor: Plate and Chain; Crafted by jeri-theed-orman, Celeste's armor is made of finely crafted rings of alloyed mithril to reduce weight, covered with a breastplate adorned with a ruby shaped to look like Sune's symbol. When she put the armor on for the first time, the rings shrunk themselves to perfectly conform to her body shape.

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  • Thain Events:

Celeste arrived on Thain sometime around mid-November, 2007. At first, she was quiet, introverted, and self-absorbed. Until very recently, she never spoke of her past. She arrived on Thain to search for her sister, but soon found that the island's problems were bigger than her own. When she realized her sister was not on the island, she lacked the heart to leave. Her eyes had been opened to the horrors, and the beauty, Thain had to offer.

The Thayans earned her dislike when Sar'rel Damain killed her friend for defending her (she conveniently forgets that it was her friend who escalated the fight from words to fists).

For quite a long time, Celeste was a peaceful person. In fact, she was very adamant about even killing in self-defense. She held fast to the belief that everyone had an opportunity for redemption. One event in particular set in motion the change in her that made her who she is today, zealous and steadfast in her beliefs that the innocent deserve retribution.

A shadow dragon had been flying around, attacking almost at random. Celeste had missed all the attacks, only hearing rumors of the carnage it left in its wake. Then it happened. She, and a number of others, was sitting at the crossroads fire when the dragon landed in the field and began its assault. The group took up arms againt the dragon, fighting to no avail. One by one, the adventurers fell. As Celeste lay on the ground, bleeding and badly in need of healing, she heard a little girl scream.

"Help! Somebody help me!"

She watched in horror as the dragon swooped its tail down and squashed the life out of the little girl. From that point on, Celeste has taken it upon herself to be a champion to the innocent, defending those who need it and deserve it most.

(( to be continued ))

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