Celia, Cleric of the Lady Firehair

Celia looks like Sune.

Hair: Waist-length, Fire-red
Eyes: Beautiful shining emeralds
Lips: Plump ruby-red
Faith: Devoted in full to Sune
Age: 27 years old
Race: Half-elf
Appearance: quite beauteous, no tatoos, no scars.

Celia is kind and charming. Beautiful and merciful.

(more coming soon)

Celia has a Diary that explains many things about her:

[The front of the diary is red, striped gold, and the back cover is the same. In black letters on the front it says:
Love is complicated, the wisest men could not figure it out, And I'm not asking you to.

[The diary is written in beautiful, cursive handwriting, clear, easy-to read, and the perfect size]

[First page]The line on the front is written on the page.
That night in the church, I still had my plain brown hair and honey brown eyes, when the priests were waiting for Sune to show a sign that she wanted me as a new acolyte, I went to bed. And I dreamt.
I was standing there surrounded by nothing, standing on nothing, looking at nothing—Exept the bright white outline of a man, standing next to me. No man, just an outline, and i could not see any details from this outline. for a while this was all I saw and all of a sudden he faded. Then, I was standing in a big, beautiful lounge. Everything, furniture, walls, rug was gold or red. I was alone, standing near a beautiful golden couch. And then… someone walked through the glowing red door. She wore a beautiful white flowing gown, Fire-red hair that draped to the floor, shining emeralds for eyes, and plump ruby-red lips. This was Lady Firehair. She didn't say anything for a while. then she said:
[sune]I know what you're missing, sweet Celia.
[celia]I replied, Am I missing something, my lady?
[sune]You don't know it yet. But I promise one day you will, and I will grant you one sentence, and one gift, to help you.
[celia]I guess that would be most helpful.
[sune]The sentence: Love is complicated, the wisest men could not figure it out, And I'm not asking you to.
[celia]What does that mean, my lady?
[sune]That is for you to find out, my dear Celia, and now you must return to the church. I will give you your gift when you wake up.

before she could reply, the room faded and all of a sudden she woke up, gasping. The sentence Sune granted her was on her tongue, in the front of her mind. She heard a voice in her head:
[sune]Dear Celia, your gift will be one I have not given before. I will make you as beautiful as possible!
Celia started feeling dizzy, and her face began to twitch.
Look in the mirror, dear Celia, the dizziness will go away once you stand. I will say goodbye now, and good fortune, also.
Before Celia could say anything do anything, she felt a reassuring presence leave, but she did as she was told, got up and went to the mirror.
She gasped. She gasped again. Another gasp. She tugged on her hair, poked her eyes, making her eyes water, and pulled at her lips.
[celia]I look…like…. y-y-you… My lady. She said this even though she knew, for now, her lady had gone.
But truly, She did look like the Lady Firehair, her hair was fire-red, but shoulder length. Her eyes shining emeralds, her lips plump ruby-red. She understood the gift, but not why she had gotten this gift, and she did not understand the sentence. She left the room and ran to the priests to show them her miracle.

[At the bottom of the first page it says in slightly bigger handwriting:]
What a night that was!

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