Celia Lane

Played by Teraptus

((Work in Progress))

Race: Human
Height: 5’4
Weight: 120
Hair: Dark red, done up in a ponytail
Eyes: a light Blue, almost grey
Age: 28

Rogue 20, Ranger 1


A little short for a human at 5’2, what she lacks in size she more than makes up for in attitude and confidence. Short and small she doesn’t look to be that muscular, but moves with a grace and sense of purpose only gained through a lifetime of hardship. Her reflexes are her best defence and her best offense, relying and her speed and dexterity to see her through the troubles she finds. Her red hair is kept short in the front and combed back into a small ponytail, showing off her rather unusual light blue-almost grey eyes. A couple of light scars can be seen around her right ear and around her neck, barely visible unless looking closely.

Clad in very light leather armour that conforms to her tightly, she is rarely seen in little else. A belt hangs loosely on her hips containing various pockets and tools of her trade. At her side hang two small blades, always within easy reach; slung about her shoulder is the short bow that she favours. Celia is almost never seen without something in her hands, most of the time this is a small knife that she constantly twirls and plays with, almost unconsciously. A closer look reveals even more small blades and knives strapped to her armour and clothing.

Always leery of her surroundings, Celia is constantly watching everything. It this particular quirk that she’s fine tuned into a talent and sells herself as a scout of sorts. Those that know her know she is much more, how much more, no one can be certain.


Celia was orphaned at a young age. She never knew her mother as she died giving birth to Celia. Her father, a travelling merchant, died when she was 11 and not long after she found herself living on the streets of Waterdeep. Fast forward a few years. Due to a job having gone awry Celia is forced to go into hiding and a few month later shows up on a small, out of the way island known as Thain.

History on Thain
-A scout during the the-shadow-war
-Adopted mother of AJ
-Involved with Anders
-Key player in the liberation of steinkreis from the blood-guard
-Heavily involved in the destruction of the Three Sisters

((Work in Progress))
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