Chane Dalley

From a book IG named Chane Dalley:

Chane Dalley
location: Dead/Hell

For a very long time, Chane's name was synonymous with the darker side of Thain. Once simply a cleric, he
soon discovered a power vacuum in the evil of Thain and founded the evil guild dawn-of-shadows. Later it
was rumoured that he sold his soul to a dark power that granted him much in return. Chane's story took a
dramatic twist though, when he challenged the dark god Rathe. It is uncertain whether the pleadings of AdyNathor Galer and others had got through to him andhis actions were a sacrifice, or whether he simply wished more power for himself. Either way, he now lies dead, and his soul is in unending torment at Rathe's pleasure.

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