Charsi Lia-thin

(( played by legolasgirl1987 ))

Full Name: Charsi Lia-thin
Race: Elf
Classes: 5 Ranger 5 Sorcerer
Hair: Green
Eyes: Yellow with a slight magical glow to them
Marks: She has Elven tattoos over 75% of her body and she has a scar down the left side of her face which resembles a bear claw.
Location: Unknown

This elf has a touch of the Fey in hair as evidenced by her long green hair and yellow slightly glowing eyes. She is a Ranger by trade, preferring the wilderness to populated areas. She more often than not wears a hood to cover the large scar on the left side of her face. When she was a child a bunch of drunken men watched her get mauled by a bear laughing at the poor girls misfortune. Thankfully an Elven druid came by and calmed the bear down, Picking the poor elven child in her arms. Narrisya as she was known healed Charsi as best she could and raised her as her own daughter. Though unfortunately because of her childhood incident with the bear leaving that scar on her face, she has kept her face hidden by a veil and hood… She wears the hoods less and less these days but she often keeps her long hair covering the scar.

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