AKA: "The Smoking Man," "Stranger," Big C, Craus, "C"
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Somewhere in his late prime
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 252 lbs
Hair: Short and Unkempt
Eyes: Dark Blue with Red Center


Crauser is a bull of a man. Strong as an ox and surprisingly quick, he carries a huge shield and a massive claymore at his back. A longsword with a crude hilt is strapped firmly at his hip by a thick, studded belt. Weathered skin and many scars suggest a life of travel and adversity, perhaps marauding overseas or serving some mercenary role elsewhere. He has a large scar that encompasses the entire clockwork of his neck – likely from burn or blade.

Leather and cloth fold underneath his dusty grey breastplate. Clenched between his teeth, a little black pipe emblazoned with blood red stones in its barrel is one of the more regular features of his face.

He is observant, blunt, and critical. While advantageous, he is sometimes overly impulsive. He drinks, spits, curses, and lights one off the next.

OOC Feats and Affiliations

  • Gambled with a magical dealer in Lowtown, testing his luck twice with the fabled Deck of Hazards.
  • Active member of some shady guild in Raven's Watch
  • Escrow Agent, Collector, and Enforcer of "the Fray"
  • Banned from the Tin Tankard after a drunken incursion involving indecent exposure and pinning Sqwar's penguin to a wooden pillar with a knife.
  • Smokes a magical, rune-inscribed pipe obtained after extorting the goblin, Miskfinglin, who aided Crauser in robbing the Crossroads goblins of their secret treasure.*

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