Cressin d'Orville

Sergeant Cressin d'Orville
Spearleader, First Spear, Company Blackrose
Sergeant-at-Arms, Company Blackrose
Lay-soldier to The order-of-the-ebon-flame

Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 200lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

Early Life/Warrior of the Ebon Flame

Sergeant d'Orville was born and raised in Zhentil Keep; when he was old enough, he enlisted in the Zhentilar, where his unique blend of unflappable calm, merciless intensity, and opportunistic nature combined to make him a respected soldier. He served for a number of years in the Zhentilar, culminating in the assault on Castle Daggerdale, when the Morn family was slaughtered and the Zhentish forces assumed control of the Dale.

Cressin was wounded in the fighting, and discharged, without medical aid - abandoned after performing his duty.

A man capable of holding grudges for so long that they die of old age, Cressin hung around Daggerdale making trouble for the Zhents until the return of Lord Randal Morn, where he was hired to aid the rebels in storming Castle Daggerdale. He played a small but important part of the battle, holding the gate nearly single-handedly while the bulk of the rebel forces charged the gates.

After his employment with the rebel forces ended (for which he was well compensated), he drifted south into the Vilhon Reach, eventually hiring on as a caravan guard for a caravan heading down into The Shaar; unknown to him, this caravan was flying the colors of a merchant company known to be based in the dark-elf ruled nation of Dambrath, with whom the Knights of the Ebon Flame were at war at the time.

During the journey, the caravan was attacked by a large patrol of Ebon Knights and their men; most of the caravan guards, young bravos or lazy thugs, were cut down quickly: Cressin held out against impressive odds, laying half a dozen of the Order's lay troops in the dirt before him. Impressed with his mastery of the blade, the Knight leading the strike force, Dame Camilla Erosis, pointed out to him that his paymasters were dead, and with them, his putative loyalty to them.

Dame Camilla made Cressin an offer of service with the Order; initially, the Order was a slightly rough fit, as even in the Zhentilar, discipline was never as tight as with the troops of the Order. Eventually, however, Cressin rose to lead Dame Camilla's First Spear, a station which also made him the senior non-comissioned officer of the unit (The Sergeant-at-Arms). Following Dame Camilla's death in the first Cyricist uprisings in Amn, command of the company transfered to Ser Kelthys Adramar. Ser Adramar would then fall in the second great uprising, and command of the company fell to Ser Jesse Blackrose during the Battle of Wintercloak.

Impressed with the young man, Cressin decided to follow him to Thain when the Order sent Dame Vyranna's mission on its way.

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